A Few Morning “Mugs”

Here’s how I feel this morning. How ’bout you?

mickey mug

Thought we’d start this Wednesday morning off with a pun (get it? “mugs?”), as all good English-Majors-Turned-Bloggers should do once in a while ;).

I’ve noticed so many different series of mugs at Disney-related stores recently, and I can’t figure out if Disney’s always released mug “collections,” or if this is new. (Maybe I’ve just not been paying attention…very possible… .)

Regardless, I first saw this Mickey mug at the Pop Century gift shop last year and thought it was just about the greatest thing ever. Once I saw the whole collection at a Downtown Disney store more recently, I couldn’t resist starting a new “series” of posts for the food blog. That means: stay tuned for more mug collections!

This one’s my favorite! She looks so peeved!
Tink mug

Yep — this fits my image of Grumpy in the morning…
grumpy mug

Minnie has hair?! And curlers?!
Minnie Mug

Hmm… a bit too “hypnotic” for me…
Tigger Mug

Aw. Who knew Dopey had footie pajamas?
Dopey Mug

Have a great day!