The Loss of the Leisure Suit

Wildberry Margarita From the WDW Lounge Standard Menu

In the post text and comments of our recent Tony’s Town Square review — and in the comments sections of a few other recent posts — the subject of homogenization of menus and condensation of purchasing down to just a few vendors across Disney’s restaurants has become a frequent topic of conversation.

Studios Central’s Matt Hochberg suggested a while back that I cover this issue and has since written a great post about it himself. I’ve also had some reader comments and emails that make it clear that this type of “uniform” experience might be making a dent in the magic for many of us.

There’s a concern that this is happening across the food and beverage service in Disney World and may be starting in Disneyland as well. But nowhere do I feel it more than where I first noticed the switch — the Disney World pool bar and lounge menus [Read more…]