News: Disney World Price Hike on Soda Pop

Along with the counter service price hikes noted in the parks this past week, we’ll also be paying more for our soda pop fix as well.

Pop Varieties

We heard via twitter from Epcyclopedia today that soda pop prices have risen by $.40 per cup. Old Fountain Drink Prices: $2.19 and $2.49. New Fountain Drink Prices: $2.59 and $2.89.

Studios Central reported that soda pop was $2.79 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Backlot Express (which has refill stations that guests are able to access).

While price hikes aren’t necessarily “news” in Walt Disney World (they’re pretty much an expected standard at least once per year, right?), your family might drink enough soda pop over a week-long visit to have this make a difference. If your family of four purchases five drinks per person, per day, for seven days, that’s [Read more…]