DFB Video: 5 Super Fun Rainy Day Activities in Disney World!

Hello, and happy Thursday! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re talking about what you can do to keep the magic going when it rains during your Disney World vacation!

Rainy Day in Epcot

Rainy Day in Epcot

Summer is fast approaching… and with it comes LOTS of rain in The Sunshine State! But that’s no reason to let that stop you from having fun during your Disney World vacation. So we’re sharing five ways to turn rainy days into AWESOME days in our latest DFB YouTube Video! [Read more…]

DFB Video: Best Attractions with Low-to-No Wait in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hello, there! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re sharing the best attractions with low-to-no waits in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom

You may be completely prepared with how you’d like to use your three alloted FastPasses in Magic Kingdom as you get ready for your vacation. But Magic Kingdom is PACKED with attractions, and not all of them require (or even accept, in some cases) FastPasses. And with summer crowds on the way soon, you’ll want to know how to experience the most rides during your Magic Kingdom day! So just watch our latest DFB video to find out about some terrific attractions that you can enjoy with little-to-no wait! [Read more…]

DFB Video: Disney World Bathrooms! (Volume I)

It’s a new week! So we’re back with another DFB Video today featuring a brand new topic: Disney World Bathrooms!

Restroom sign at AbracadaBar

Restroom sign at AbracadaBar

If you’ve been tuning in to our DFB YouTube Channel for any length of time, then you know one of our top goals is to provide you with the most valuable information for your Disney vacation. So, you may be wondering how a video about Disney World restrooms provides valuable info? Because we’re sharing the least crowded bathrooms in Disney World to save you TIME during your trip! After all, you’ve got FastPasses lined up for your favorite attractions, Advance Dining Reservations for your preferred restaurants, and maybe even a Mobile Order or two to pick up somewhere in there! So check out our advice on where to find the least crowded bathrooms — and we’ve even thrown some extra cute ones in there just for fun :) — with our latest DFB YouTube Video! [Read more…]

DFB Video: 11 Things I Miss When I’m Not in Disney World

Hey, there! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and I’m sharing with you 11 things I totally miss when I’m NOT in Disney World!

Happily Ever After Spectacular

Happily Ever After Spectacular

I mean, it’s Monday… so let’s commiserate with each other, why don’t we ;) ? Disney World is a truly special place, and even though it’s always fun to look forward to that next trip, there are some things I always wish I had access to, like, RIGHT NOW. Things like awesome fireworks, the Flight of Passage attraction, Mousekeeping… the list goes on — to include eleven things, in fact! So join me in thinking about the things we miss the most when we’re not in Disney World in our latest DFB YouTube Video! [Read more…]

DFB Video: Pros and Cons of Disney World Transportation

Happy Thursday! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re discussing the pros and cons of Disney World transportation.

Catch that Monorail!

Catch that Monorail!

There is much more to Disney World than four theme parks. It’s a huge property with several Resorts, a shopping and dining district (that’s Disney Springs), two water parks, and more. So something every guest needs to consider is how to get around all of it! And this is an especially big topic these days in light of the recent addition of parking fees for guests staying at Disney World resorts. We’re discussing that topic and also how to get around if you choose to rely on Disney transportation at some point (or for all) of your vacation. [Read more…]

DFB Video: The Ultimate Disney World Packing List!

Hello, there! We’re back with another DFB Video for you today, and you’ll want to prep your suitcase for this one… because we’ve got the Ultimate Disney World Packing List for you today!

Are you prepped to hit the POOL?

Are you prepped to hit the POOL?

Our latest DFB YouTube Video comes by viewer request! And it’s a GREAT question: What should you pack for your Disney World vacation? We’ve got all sorts of practical gear that you’ll need… and even some suggestions for some extra magic that you can bring along with you, too! So, sit back and enjoy this one… before you get up to START PACKING! [Read more…]

DFB Video: How to OUTSMART the Crowds in Disney World

Hey, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re giving you the best tips on how to OUTSMART the crowds in Disney World!

Pandora's Opening Week Lines in Animal Kingdom

Pandora’s Opening Week Lines in Animal Kingdom

Disney World is full of magic, fun attractions, great places to eat, super fun Resorts and… plenty of people ;) ! So today we’re hoping to help you navigate through the crowds so you can make the most of your riding, shopping, and dining time! Our tips include some things you can take care of in advance as well as tips for when you’re in the parks. So be sure to store up some energy to help you get through those crowds while watching our latest DFB YouTube video! [Read more…]