Disney Food History: Vintage Donald Duck Eats n’ Treats

Sometimes Disney food pops up in the strangest places.

This past Saturday, I took the D23 Disney Studios Tour. And the highlight of the tour was definitely walking into the archives room to see Disney historian Dave Smith himself standing there waiting to give us a personal tour of the room.

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA

Highlights of the archives included holding the very first Disneyland entrance ticket, being among the first to look up close at the original story book for Steamboat Willie, and holding one of Walt Disney’s Oscars.  WOW, what a treat.

Holding Disneyland's Very 1st Entrance Ticket #000001

Disney Archivist, Dave Smith, shows us the original Steamboat Willie Script

After being in awe of all the amazing things in this room, I spotted something definitely worth sharing here on the DFB: Donald Duck food and drink items!

Donald Duck Food Line History

I couldn’t believe all of food this duck used to hawk! Apparently, Donald was one of the most licensed Disney characters of his time.

Sadly, the only official “Donald Duck” items that remain on the market today are Donald Duck Orange Juice and Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice, both of which can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Donald Duck Orange Juice

I couldn’t believe the range of products that Donald used to represent.  Everything from [Read more…]