Fun Find: Phineas and Ferb Treats at Epcot (“The Doofenslurper!!”)

Several Epcot kiosks, including Promenade Refreshments where these came from, have some special offerings for Phineas and Ferb fans.

The three special items include an Agent P sugar cookie on a stick, a kids’ “Power Pack,” and the “Doofenslurper.”

The Power Pack, $7.99, includes an Uncrustables sandwich, carrot sticks, a Danimals yogurt, and a juice box, all served in a souvenir Agent P lunch box. This is a relatively healthy child’s lunch plus a great takeaway for one reasonable price.

But the thing I really wanted for me was the Doofenslurper, because how could you not want something called a Doofenslurper?

The Doofenslurper is frozen lemonade (more like a slushie) topped with a now ubiquitous fruity foam.

Doofenslurpering at Epcot!

As for the actual consumable, the lemonade plus foam concoction tasted like [Read more…]