Dining in Disneyland: An Apple A Day Keeps the Dirt Away?

Heather Sievers, DFB’s Dining in Disneyland columnist, had to do a bit of a double take…

Hanging Fruit Basket Displays

A few weeks ago, I was strolling through Downtown Disney when, from afar ,I noticed a delicious-looking fresh fruit stand.  I thought to myself, what an awesome idea to bring fresh produce to the area; I’d love to pick up a crisp apple or some tasty strawberries.  And then I got closer.

Fresh Fruit? Nope. Soap.

Let me introduce you to Downtown Disney’s newest retail cart: The Fruitful Soap Garden.  That’s right folks, fruit shaped SOAP.  What a let down that my dreams of fresh fruit were shattered in the name of cleanliness.  The Fruitful Soap Garden is an entire cart filled with fruit soap doppelgangers.  Lookalikes so close to the real thing that [Read more…]