Guest Review: Disney’s Worms & Dirt Cupcake for Earth Day!

In honor of Disney World’s Limited Time Magic events for “Earth Week,” guests have access to a few new “earthy” treats in the parks!

The best one, in my opinion, is the Worms & Dirt Cupcake featuring a teensy flower pot on top!

Worms & Dirt Cupcake in Disney World

My good friend Daniel Wanderman has been touring the parks this week and was lucky enough to get a taste — check it out! (Love the choice of setting here, Daniel — The Victory Garden in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!)

The perfect place for Worms & Dirt! The Victory Garden in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Here’s what Daniel has to say…

The worms & dirt cupcake debuted today at Fairfax Fare on Sunset blvd. This fun cupcake honors Earth week by mimicking the traditional “worms in dirt” dessert with a few twists. This one takes a chocolate cupcake and tops it with a ring of frosting. But why stop there?

The frosting is powdered with cake crumbs (dirt!), chocolate sprinkles (more dirt?), and garnished with gummy worms, a candy flower pot, and chocolate candy flowers. The best part is a delicious chocolate pudding surprise inside.

Close up of the Worms & Dirt Cupcake!

As a vegetarian and avid gelatin avoider, I pushed the gummy worms and sprinkles aside and dug right into the pudding center. The pudding was cold and delicious, which was quite refreshing on a hot, humid, park hopping Disney day.

It reminded me of the My-T-Fine pudding mom used to [Read more…]