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The Hidden Laws of the Magic Kingdom

A little Disney Food fun for you on the blog today! Have you ever seen these rules and warnings in the Magic Kingdom?

Disney Food for Families: Counter Service Dining with the Adventurous Child

Looking for counter-service meals for kids that want more than the standard fare can be an adventure. Find out great places to look for food beyond chicken nuggets such as a chilled chicken wrap and egg rolls!

Disney Food Post Round-Up: April 17, 2011

Check out the latest Disney food news, some more reviews of our new e-Book, and some great Disney food posts from around the web!

Tortuga Tavern Opens in Disney World’s Adventureland

Let’s all take a deep breath and prepare for the dramatic changes at Tortuga Tavern in Disney World. Okay, maybe you don’t need to breathe that deeply because it doesn’t appear that much has changed.

Guest Review: El Pirata Y El Perico

Head over to the elusive El Pirata y El Perico — a restaurant rarely open at Walt Disney World — to enjoy some Mexican food in the Magic Kingdom!

Disney Food Post Round-Up: August 15, 2010

On today’s round-up, hear the latest news on Germany’s Karamelle Kuche opening date, the potential for an extension of free dining in Disney World, everything you ever wanted to know about the Disney Handwich, what the Via Napoli bathrooms look like, and more!

Magic Kingdom Expands Restaurant Capacity During Free Dining in Disney World

Overflow dining has again been made available to guests during Disney World’s free dining promotion this Fall. Check out when you can visit a few of the rarely open venues in the Magic Kingdom.

“Is This Place Ever Open?”: El Pirata y El Perico

Taking a look at El Pirata y El Perico — one of the oft-closed counter-service locations in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.