Snack Series: Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Meringue from Epcot’s Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie

We are back to take another look into the tempting pastry cases at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie in Epcot’s France Pavilion!

You know that we love Les Halles. I never pass up a chance to stop in here for a breakfast pastry. The Frangipane Triangle is my favorite!

At lunch, I often enjoy one of their deliciously authentic sandwiches, like the Jambon Beurre. It never fails to transport me straight back to France!

But you will never guess what I decided to try on this visit…

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Meringue

On my last trip to Walt Disney World I, of course, had to stop by Les Halles. And I finally took the opportunity to try the — I can’t believe I’m going to say this — Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Meringues.

Wait. No. You have no idea how HUGE this thing is from the picture of it in the case. So, being the very helpful AJ I am, I knew I had to get one for you guys! If for no other reason, so you could see it on a plate.

Chocolate Chip Meringue -- In the Case

Chocolate Chip Meringue — In the Case

Okay, here we are, out in the light at one of those great little cafe tables, tucked back into the France Pavilion. And now, you can appreciate the enormity of this meringue for yourself.

Chocolate Chip Meringue -- Up Close

Chocolate Chip Meringue — Up Close

Still not getting it? That’s a fork on the plate beside it, for scale.

Maybe I was a little bowled over here. But I have never seen a meringue this big in my life!

Chocolate Chip Meringue -- The Dipped Side

Chocolate Chip Meringue — The Dipped Side

Now, giant size aside, you know how I feel about meringues. Basically, they’re [Read more…]

Holiday Snack Series: Pecan Maple Bark from Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Just one more day til Christmas, and it’s more holiday deliciousness today as we continue our stroll around World Showcase in Epcot!

These are snacks that are just perfect for enjoying as we take in all the sights and sounds of Holidays Around the World. What’s your favorite performance? I can never make up my mind!

Epcot Christmas tree ornaments

Epcot Christmas tree ornaments

On a recent visit, I decided to make it my mission to try as many holiday treats and snacks as possible. But what I found in the Canada Pavilion just may be my favorite sweet of the week. And to think I almost didn’t get it!

Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Epcot’s Holidays Around the World offers performances and special foods in each World Showcase pavilion, celebrating holidays that take place this time of year. And you can even track your progress with a passport.

Holidays Around the World at Epcot Passport

Holidays Around the World at Epcot Passport

And when you set your goal to eat your way around this enchanted holiday world, there’s no better place to start than the Canada Pavilion, where we found Pecan Maple Bark.

Epcot's Holidays Around the World -- Pecan Maple Bark in the Canada Pavilion

Epcot’s Holidays Around the World — Pecan Maple Bark in the Canada Pavilion

I’ll be honest — I didn’t buy this one last year. I figured, what’s the big deal about yet ANOTHER holiday-themed bark? Here’s a picture of the Pecan Maple Bark as you buy it, with the ingredients printed right on the bag.

Pecan Maple Bark in Epcot's Canada Pavilion

Pecan Maple Bark

But this was Ah-MAZING!!!! I think the most interesting thing here is the name “bark”. Because I’m no candy expert, but this seems more like English toffee to me — a hard candy that’s rich with butter, coated in chocolate. It’s easy to break through, but it definitely has some crunch to it. But the taste isn’t just buttery rich; there’s a healthy dose of Maple Flavor here, too. And it’s so good.

Pecan Maple Bark -- Out of the Wrapper

Pecan Maple Bark — Out of the Wrapper

You can see that crunchy middle part here as well as the [Read more…]

Holiday Snack Series: Bûche de Noël from Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in Epcot’s France Pavilion

It’s time for another stop of the season on our Holidays Around the World Tour of Epcot!

This is such an exciting time of the year to visit Walt Disney World. With the beautiful decorations and incredible gingerbread displays, there’s so much to take in! But be sure to carve out some time in your busy holiday schedule for a day at Epcot during your trip.

We recently enjoyed a few days in the midst of the magic, and today we’ve got a review of a classic holiday treat.

Bûche de Noël from Epcot’s Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

It’s hard to resist Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in Epcot’s France Pavilion on any given day. But there’s no way I’m passing up this delicious spot when holiday treats are on the menu!

Bûche de Noël at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie -- Part of Holidays Around the World

Bûche de Noël at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie — Part of Holidays Around the World

The bakery pays homage to French Christmas tradition with the inclusion of a Bûche de Noël for a limited time. And this year’s version is completely different than last year’s — a great reason to try it in 2014!

Bûche de Noël -- In the Case

Bûche de Noël — In the Case

If you’re familiar with the traditional dessert, then you know it’s usually a simple roulade, made with sponge cake spread with buttercream and frosted with more buttercream. The whole thing is decorated to look like a bûche de Noël, or Yule log.

But of course, Les Halles had to take it to the next level.

To begin, the Bûche de Noël you’ll find here is an individual portion — and I don’t mean a slab of cake. :-)

Individual Bûche de Noël

Individual Bûche de Noël

Each little log is crafted and garnished in perfect, petite fashion. You won’t have to fight with anyone over who gets the [Read more…]

Review: Tiramisu at the Gelato Stand in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Could it be true? We’re stopping by the Gelato Stand in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion and not having gelato?!

If you’re not familiar with this understated kiosk, the main draw here is, obviously, gelato ;) . You can have your choice of flavor served in a cup or cone, or enjoy one of the “Gelato Creations” like the Coppa Delizia or the Espresso Gelato Affogato. There’s also the gelato sandwiches, made with chocolate chip cookies. And a selection of wine and beer is also available, along with a few specialty coffee beverages and Italian sodas.

But there are a couple of sweet concoctions here that tend to fly under the radar against all that gelato goodness, so we thought we’d shine a light on one of those today: the Tiramisu.

Italy's Gelato Stand

Italy’s Gelato Stand

Alongside the Cannoli also found at this spot, Tiramisu is a well-known Italian dessert featuring layers of mascarpone cream and Savoiardi biscuits (ladyfingers) dipped in espresso and dusted with cocoa.



This tiramisu is light and creamy, but packed with flavor thanks to the espresso and the layer of cocoa on top.

Side view of Tiramisu

Side view of Tiramisu

I don’t think there’s [Read more…]

News! Peppermint Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Debuts at Epcot’s L’Artisan des Glaces

One of our favorite sweet spots year-round is L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot’s France pavilion at Walt Disney World.

They’re always dreaming up awesome new treats that incorporate their fresher-than-fresh ice cream and sorbets.

With decadent eats throughout the year (Ice Cream Martini!!) and specialty items for holidays, L’Artisan continually surprises us with house-made ice cream concoctions.

And now for the 2014 holidays, L’Artisan has unveiled a new Peppermint Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich! This lovely treat is made with their very own peppermint ice cream.

Holiday Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich

Holiday Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich

And don’t forget to indulge in their gingerbread ice cream this season as well — part of [Read more…]

News! Festive Treats Returning to Epcot’s Holidays Around the World

Every year we look forward to the return of Holidays Around the World in Epcot! Beginning November 28th and running through December 30th, this yearly celebration features special events like the Candlelight Processional, a special ending to the IllumiNations spectacular, and unique opportunities to listen to storytellers share holiday traditions from around the globe in each Pavilion.

Holidays Around the World Passport

Holidays Around the World Passport

We’re happy to share that a more recent “tradition” will be returning this year as well… Holidays Around the World will once again feature tastes of holiday cuisine from the countries represented in World Showcase! If you’d like to get even more of a start on your holiday snack planning, check out our review of several of these treats from last year’s celebration! (Please note: prices on signage in the pictures below may differ this year from last.)

The Sugar and Spice Holiday Bakery in the American Adventure Pavilion will once again be THE place to grab a gingerbread, chocolate chip, or sugar cookie while waiting in line to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus! This will also the place to grab some peppermint bark or warm up with some hot cocoa.

Sugar and Spice Holiday Bakery

Sugar and Spice Holiday Bakery

Cookies at the Sugar and Spice Bakery

Cookies at the Sugar and Spice Bakery

Epcot American Adventure Peppermint Bark

Epcot American Adventure Peppermint Bark

Also among the treats that will be returning this year is the beautiful Bûche de Noël au Chocolate (Chocolate Christmas Log) to Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in France.

Chocolate Christmas Log

Chocolate Christmas Log

And Gingerbread Ice Cream will [Read more…]

Review: Parfait aux Fruits and Duo Mousse Cake at Epcot’s Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

It’s become one of my life goals to eat my way through the entire bakery case at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

And why not? This place rarely churns out a dud, even though the selection is HUGE.

Now, I do have to say, I’m quite partial to my favorites: for example, the Frangipane (puff pastry with an almond filling), which I’ve adored ever since I tried it at the Food and Wine Festival’s Parisian Breakfast last  year, and the Brix aux Pommes, which has become a more recent favorite of mine.

So sometimes it’s hard to switch gears and choose beyond those. But a goal is a goal and I aim to do my readers proud! To that end, I’d like to show you a few other staples in that bakery case that I haven’t previously showcased on the blog.

Welcome back to Les Halles!

Les Halles

Les Halles

Les Halles

Les Halles

While there are plenty of savory options at Les Halles (it’s a great spot to grab soup and a sandwich), today we’re focusing on the sweet stuff. Let’s check out a few more French goodies tucked inside!

Bakery Case at Les Halles

Bakery Case at Les Halles

In fact, the treats we’re checking out today are displayed side by side in there, even though they are quite different from each other. We’re trying the Parfaits aux Fruits and a little something by the name of “Duo.”


First up, the oddly titled “Duo.” Initial impression? It’s gorgeous. A smooth chocolate dome reflects the light in the bakery case and catches your eye immediately.



The small chocolate topper gives you a hint as to [Read more…]

Review: Caramel Bacon Square and Caramel S’more at Epcot’s Karamell-Küche

It’s always a good day when we get to try ANYTHING at Karamell-Küche… and, we’ve got some awesome new-to-us treats for you today!

I stopped by the Germany Pavilion recently with the sole intention of grabbing a Chewy Caramel Shortbread Bar, but simply had to take a peek first into that bakery case chock full of golden caramel goodness. And…we found new stuffs!!

So, what’s new at the Caramel Kitchen, you ask?

Among the items that have arrived since my most recent visit were Vanilla and Chocolate Cakeballs, Caramel Gingersnaps, Caramel Bacon Squares (what WHAT?), and Caramel S’mores.

Caramel Gingersnap and Caramel S'more in bakery case

Caramel Gingersnap and Caramel S’more in bakery case

Chocolate Cakeball in bakery case

Chocolate Cakeball in bakery case

Caramel Bacon Square next to Caramel and Milk Chocolate in bakery case

Caramel Bacon Square next to Caramel and Milk Chocolate in bakery case

Umm… did somebody say “BACON”? Clearly, I altered my order right away to grab a Caramel Bacon Square ;). I asked for a Caramel S’more, too, while I was at it!

Caramel S'more and Caramel Bacon Square

Caramel S’more and Caramel Bacon Square

Sweet stuff with a touch of good ol’ bacon isn’t a mixture that’s unique to Karamell-Küche. You can find it in things like Everything Pop’s King Cupcake and Peanut Butter, Banana, and Candied Bacon Pie at BoardWalk Bakery.

What’s the Karamell-Küche take on this combo? From the outside, the Caramel Bacon Square looks a lot like the other chocolate-covered caramels in the case, only with [Read more…]

Review: Steamed Vegetables and Rice at Katsura Grill in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

I bet we caught you by surprise with the title of this post ;).

After all, here at the DFB we’re known for our love of all things fried, frosted, or otherwise fixed up in the name of vacation indulgence! It’s not that we’re opposed to veggies, believe it or not. (I love ‘em!) It’s just that in the Vacation Kingdom that is Disney World, we enjoy showing you all sorts of decadent vacation treats you might not typically encounter.

But sometimes maybe you just feel the need to switch things up for whatever reason… to counteract overindulgence, or just fulfill a sudden craving for more simple, natural foods.  For such times, I’d like to introduce you to one of my (surprisingly, I know!) favorite finds in Epcot: Steamed Vegetables and Rice at the Japan Pavilion’s Katsura Grill.

Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill

Now, the Steamed Vegetables and Rice aren’t sold as a combo – they are each [Read more…]

Review: Lemon Blast Cupcake at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

You know how we love our big, over-the-top cupcakes here at the DFB.

We take ‘em filled with cream cheese, topped with Darth Vader, sprinkled with edible glitter, and any and all combinations of the above!

Cupcakes tend to take some of the top spots in any Disney World bakery case, so typically they aren’t remotely hard to spot.

But there is a little cupcake gem that really hasn’t received its proper due… The Lemon Blast Cupcake can only be found in the Sunshine Seasons bakery case in Epcot’s Future World, and more often than not, it’s hidden on the bottom shelf, well below the croissants, cookies, and muffins.

Here is a small batch, just waiting to be discovered like the “Charlie in the Box” on the Island of Misfit Toys…

Lemon Blast cupcake on the bottom of the case

Lemon Blast cupcake on the very bottom of the case

(By the way, the Lemon Blast Cupcake is $4.49 and a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.)

One of our rad readers (thanks, Jessica!) reminded us of this one, and it’s high time to give the Lemon Blast Cupcake a little DFB love!

Aside from the zig-zaggy, criss-cross-y pattern of lemon (!) drizzled over the top, the rest of the cupcake is pretty basic… or so it seems. Vanilla frosting covers a yellow cupcake base.

Lemon Blast Cupcake

Lemon Blast Cupcake

Frosting and lemon closeup

Frosting and lemon closeup

Before we find out what’s inside, take a look at this…

Lemon Cupcake Topping

Lemon Cupcake Topping

Weird, right? The piped lemon gel topping is a little stringy and a little sticky. So be warned. ;-) I’m not sure how I feel about it. Physically it’s kind of gross, but it tasted fine. So, there ya go.

So what is inside, anyway? A [Read more…]