Cheers to the New Year! Disney Drinks to Try in 2018

We’re still newly into 2018! And tradition dictates that we ring in the New Year with some bubbly. While that’s never a bad choice when the clock strike midnight, I’ve got some ideas for ways you can celebrate with a drink in Walt Disney World no matter what time of year your visit falls in 2018!

These are some of the sips we most enjoyed over the past year… and can’t wait to enjoy again in 2018!

Wine Slushies at Amorette’s Patisserie

Did you think Amorette’s Patisserie showcased nothing more than artful cakes and pastries? Then think again. Because this Disney Springs sweet spot is home to the vino that went VIRAL in 2017: Wine Slushies!

Swirled Wine Slushie -- Strawberry Shiraz and Mango Moscato

Swirled Wine Slushie — Strawberry Shiraz and Mango Moscato

Choose from two fruity flavors: Strawberry Shiraz and Mango Moscato (an Apple Cider Riesling even appeared on the menu for the 2017 holiday season).

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Review: Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion Margarita Stand

It’s time to pay some homage to the little kiosk that could. The Margarita stand in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion has been churning out frozen drinks for years and years. The location and menu have changed, but the delivery is still the same — a plastic cup filled with a strong, cold, kind of…bad…margarita.

Epcot Margarita Stand

OK, now before you start to argue, let’s look at the facts: since La Cava del Tequila moved in next store, the difference between the fiesta margarita from the Epcot kiosk and an aguacate, pineapple, or even jalapeno margarita from La Cava is pretty stark, right? The flavors and depth of the drinks from La Cava just [Read more…]