Review: Sunshine Tree Terrace Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam

Many of you know that I’m not a big fan of the foam-on-food trend.

What’s the foam-on-food trend you ask? The foam-on-food trend is one of the molecular gastronomy fads sweeping the nation (well, it’s been sweeping the nation for a couple of years and has now made it to Disney World), and this one means that every food and its brother seems to have a “foam” on top these days.

Foam on Drink Example. Note: This is not the Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam. You have to read on for that.

Some foams are bubbly and soapy looking like the one pictured below (the name of this restaurant will be reserved to protect the innocent, because it’s a very good restaurant that I like a lot and I’m hoping they’ll stop doing the foam thing soon). And while you’re used to foam on your coffee and cappuccino, you’re not necessarily used to it on your steak… [Read more…]