Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway on Pixar Place

When I was a kid, I always loved to see things that were larger-than-life — remember in the 80’s when those giant, person-sized pencils and huge crayons were all the rage, and you just knew that rich people like Lisa Turtle and Webster and that kid from Silver Spoons had them in their houses?

Well, that’s what it’s like to wander through Pixar Place in Disney World these days. You’re shrunk to the size of the Toy Story characters, so everything is built on a massive scale and meticulously detailed. And right in the middle of it all — across the street from Toy Story Midway Mania — is Woody’s Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway!

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Sign

You can see the Takeaway has taken over [Read more…]

Flying In To Scuttle’s Landing

Over the course of this next year, we’ll have to look at several Magic Kingdom establishments that are soon to be no longer. Princesses, beasts, and faeries are taking over Fantasyland, so there just won’t be room for seagulls anymore!

Scuttle's Landing

Scuttle’s Landing has long served as a waiting area for moms and dads while daughters waded into Ariel’s Grotto or sons flew with Dumbo, a dance party location during Magic Kingdom parties, THE place to get your frozen coke, and where everyone [Read more…]