New Boneless Chicken Wings at Mr. Kamal’s and Frozen Drinks at the Animal Kingdom

As I was slogging through the rain at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World last Saturday, I was starving.

Let me say — I’m rarely starving in Disney World. I usually book two or three meals per day, so my stomach doesn’t get much of a break. But last Saturday I hadn’t eaten a thing, it was going on 2pm, and I was on a mission to get pics of a new cupcake (post coming soon!), so didn’t have time to stop into a counter-service joint and battle the lines.

Introducing…the Animal Kingdom “Boneless Chicken Wings!”

So just when I was resigned to having zero sustenance, I came upon Mr. Kamal’s:

Boneless Wings Ahoy!

If you voted in our Corn Dog Nuggets VS. Spring Rolls post last year, you know that this little shack on the route between Africa and Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom used to serve Corn Dog Nuggets.

These days, however, it’s purely a new menu of “boneless chicken wings,” which are pretty much chicken nuggets as far as I can tell!

Chicken Nuggets Take Over for Corn Dog Nuggets

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