DFB Dining Adventures e-Book and DFB Holiday Gift Certificates Now Available!

We’ve got two exciting announcements today! Our very first DFB Dining Adventures e-Book is now available, and we’ve made your holiday gift-giving even easier by creating Disney Food Blog e-Book Gift Certificates!

The best part? There’s a HUGE holiday sale to go along with it all! :-)

DFB Dining Adventures e-Book Now Available

We’ve had countless reader requests for pre-planned dining strategies that can be dropped right into your Disney World vacation plans, and we thought that was a pretty good idea, too!

So we are so excited to announce the grand launch of the Disney Food Blog Dining Adventures e-Book! Our team had such a great time with this book that it’s over 100 pages (!!!) of pre-planned deliciousness, and has great bonus features too!

Of course, in honor of our grand launch, we have a discount option for DFB readers (as always!). You can get the new mini-guide for $2 off the regular purchase price for the next 7 days — just use code ADVENTURE at the check-out! And don’t forget to keep your transaction number — it may provide a discount on upcoming Disney Food Blog products (hint, hint)!

This guide consists of one-day, two-day, and one-week themed dining and attraction strategies that you can mix and match to fit YOUR vacation style! They’re an easy and fun way to make sure your visit to Walt Disney World is 100% unique, and take a lot of the planning right off of your to-do list!

And our Dining Adventures all fit into a fun theme! Here are just a few examples of the dozens of different Dining Adventures that you’ll find within the The Disney Food Blog Dining Adventures, Start Point: Magic Kingdom Area e-Book: [Read more…]