Tips from the DFB Guide: Five Beloved Food Items You WON’T Find in Disney World (And Should Bring From Home)

We are back with some of our very best kept Disney Dining Secrets. And we want to share them with you!

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Planning what you’re going to eat and drink at Walt Disney World is a big deal! I mean, it’s not cheap, is it? But then, will they have everything you need when you get there?

Today, I’m going to share a few secrets of what you CAN’T FIND on Disney World property that you might want to bring from home. We all have our favorites…or items we need for a special diet that we may or may not find at Disney World when we need them…and let’s be honest, you miss them when you can’t get them.

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Let’s go!

What Must-Have Food Items Are Just Not Found at Disney World?

Walt Disney World is super awesome and has everything you need to be over-the-moon happy! Right? Um, sometimes not.

You’ll find the same brands of things over and over throughout Walt Disney World, sometimes with an alarming lack of diversity. And if you have any sort of brand loyalty at all, consider bringing some of your own favorites or purchasing them off-property.

Beverage Station

Coca Cola is King at Disney

This is, of course, due in part to sourcing contracts. It may also have something to do with what’s available locally and regionally. Whatever the reason, if your favorites aren’t available, it’s good to know before you go so you can be prepared.

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Snack Series: Cheddar Mickey Crackers

Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers is back with a review of the Chip and Dale Snack Company’s Cheddar Mickey Crackers! These can be found in WDW and Disneyland…

Cheddar Mickey Crackers

On our recent Disney Vacation Club stay at the Grand Californian, the DVC left us a “hospitality” basket in our room for some issues (long story, let’s just talk snacks) that had happened during our last stay. Anyhow, what a nice surprise…

Hospitality Basket

In our beautiful basket there were lots and lots of snacks. One that we had never purchased or tried before were the Cheddar Mickey Crackers by the Chip & Dale Snack Company. Today, we ripped open the resealable bag and went to town on them. My first impression was [Read more…]