Dining in Disneyland: New Mickey Sour Powder Caramel Apple and Goofy Caramel Apple

I’m so excited that the Candy Palace has reopened in Disneyland! The new interior is gorgeous, and to go along with its new look, our favorite talented candy makers have created some fun new treats: The Goofy Caramel Apple & The Mickey Sour Powder Caramel Apple!

New Caramel Apples!


While walking around the newly renovated store for the first time, I immediately noticed the new Caramel Apple “Bar” area where you can order refrigerated caramel apples and various drinks (water, soda, juice, milk, and energy drinks). Located in the back of the store where it connects with the Coca Cola Refreshment Corner, this little area is a great addition to the Candy Palace.

After asking around a bit, I learned that these two new caramel apples were debuting specially for the store’s grand reopening. Normally, I wouldn’t thrown down $20 on two caramel apples, but both were just way too intriguing so I broke down. After purchase, my boys and I went right outside to dig into Goofy. We had Mickey packed up to take home and test out the following day!

Mickey Sour Powder Apple

We waited, not so patiently, for the following day to try our the Mickey Sour Powder apple. It was a “regular” Mickey apple coated with the Disney sour powder (or pucker powder) stuff — you know those tubes your, I mean, my kids are always

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The *New* Pixie Stix

OK — be honest — how many pixie stix have you poured into your mouth at once?! Well for all of you pixie stix kids, Goofy’s got some sour powder candy to rival your favorite sour snack.

You might have seen it like this:

Goofy's Sour Powder Candy

Goofy's Sour Powder Candy

Or possibly like this:

Goofy's Sour Powder Candy Tube

But you can find it all over Walt Disney World! What’s YOUR favorite flavor combination?

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