NEWS and Full Review: The Market at Ale & Compass in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

We’re coming to you today from The Market at Ale & Compass!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Great! But where’s Ale & Compass?” The Market at Ale & Compass is located in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. You may already be familiar with Ale & Compass Lounge, which sits near the Captain’s Grille (which is currently closed for refurbishment — guests can enjoy Captain’s Grille dishes at its temporary location in Ariel’s).

The Market at Ale & Compass, however, is located right by the Fittings & Fairings gift shop (which is… umm, also closed for refurbishment ;) , with a reopening planned for July. Change is the name of the game ‘round these parts!).

With the exception of the Yacht & Beach Club’s pool bar, Hurricane Hanna’s, the Yacht Club has been without a Counter Service option, with guests relying on nearby choices at the neighboring BoardWalk Inn and Beach Club.

Sign for The Market at Ale & Compass

Sign for The Market at Ale & Compass

The Market at Ale & Compass is here to change that… and it’s been a long time coming. Step inside!


The Market at Ale & Compass has been established in half of what was the Fittings & Fairings gift shop (the other portion of the space will once again operate as a merchandise spot once it reopens in July).  [Read more…]

Grab and Go Food Items at Disney Resorts for Your runDisney Race

Is 2015 the year you will tackle your first runDisney race?

Artwork from the 2014 WDW Half Marathon t-shirt

Artwork from the 2014 WDW Half Marathon tee

Maybe you’ve already put some thought into where you’ll celebrate your accomplishment once the race is over. But what about before the race? You might have some questions about what’s available to nosh as you prepare to make your way to the starting line.

With Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend upon us, we thought now might be a good a time to show you some items that are typically available across Disney World Resort food courts — just some simple eats that might be similar to food you’ve eaten prior to training runs at home.

Everything Pop Food Court at Pop Century

Everything Pop Food Court at Pop Century

One thing all Disney races have in common (well, the daytime races, in any case :) ), is that they start EARLY. And you’ve got to get there even earlier. Your resort food court can be a great place to grab a few items the night before your race to have at the ready as you get dressed in the morning, or even bring to the race staging area to eat while you wait for your race to begin (at long last!).

Now, for many readers familiar with Disney Resorts, this info might be old hat. Then again, maybe it’s your first time visiting as a race participant, and you may never have looked at Grab and Go selections very carefully. So, here’s your chance to check it out!

A note before we begin: items may vary across resort food courts, but the photos below (taken at  Art of Animation’s Landscape of Flavors and Pop Century’s Everything Pop) are intended to give an idea of items that are typical around the food courts.

Be sure to check out both the bakery cases and refrigerated sections of the Grab and Go areas.

Bakery Case at Landscape of Flavors

Bakery Case at Landscape of Flavors

While the bakery cases are bound to have primarily dessert-style options, you can often also find muffins, bagels, and in some cases, plain white bread.

Assorted muffins

Assorted muffins

Assorted bagels

Assorted bagels

White bread

White bread

Spreadable toppings may be a little more difficult to spot, but pouches of peanut butter (not refrigerated), cream cheese, and Smart Balance (refrigerated) are usually not far away.

Peanut Butter pouches

Peanut Butter pouches

Cream Cheese and "Smart Balance"

Cream Cheese and “Smart Balance”

The refrigerated section holds [Read more…]

Tour: Temporary Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

In June, we reported that the Intermission Food Court at Disney’s All Star Music Resort would be undergoing a major refurbishment from August 1 to December 20, 2014. Well, time sure flies, and the renovation is underway!

Intermission Food Court Sign

Intermission Food Court Sign

Guests staying at All Star Music have a few options available to meet their dining needs. Full access to End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports and World Premiere Food Court at All Star Movies will be available (as always) with the addition of dedicated bus transportation to either location.

Intermission Food Court Refurbishment sign

Intermission Food Court Refurbishment sign

For the duration of the refurbishment, Note’able Games Arcade has been changed to Note’able Grab ‘n Go.

Note'able Grab 'n Go sign

Note’able Grab ‘n Go sign

The name says it all… this is your All Star Music stop for grab and go snacks, beverages, and meals. There is a small table seating area upon entry, in front of a section reserved for [Read more…]

Review: Tropical Pastries at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

If you’re at Caribbean Beach Resort and are hoping to start your day with a taste of the islands, then you’re in luck.

The last time DFB was here was when AJ reviewed the one-of-a-kind Monkey Cupcake! Today, it’s time to check out another unique set of Island-y goodies!

The Grab and Go area at Caribbean Beach’s Old Port Royale food court is now serving tropical-inspired breakfast pastries! Kudos to the pastry chefs here for coming up with such fun additions to the menu!

Grab and Go Area at Old Port Royale food court

This will be the first area you encounter — to your right — when you walk into the Food Court from the parking lot area. It’s a wide open space that you can’t miss.

This area of the food court features cold sandwiches and snacks for a quick bite any time of day. (And it’s a great place to pick up your midnight snack before heading back to your room after a long day in the parks.)

Stop by the Grab & Go

Refrigerated areas offer some healthier for you snacks, too, like fruit, salads, and pre-made sammies.

Display at Grab & Go

But we were here to check out the unique pastries with tropical flavors!! Here we go!


As I approached the bakery case, I noticed many favorites that are standard across Disney World Resort food courts (Cheese Danish, Chocolate Croissants, and Cinnamon Rolls, among others).

Bakery Case

Bakery Items

But I was especially impressed to find several tropical treats to choose from. I counted eight in all: the Mango Almond Tartlet, Pineapple Turnover, Pineapple Coconut Muffin, Ginger Mango Muffin, Guava and Cheese Danish or Turnover, Mango Coconut Muffin, and the Banana Turnover. Welcome to the Islands!

Tropical Pastries

I was tempted to grab what would most obviously suit my tastes: the Guava and Cheese Danish. There are few things I love more than a Cream Cheese Danish. Add to that a dollop of Guava puree and… GOOD MORNING!!

Guava and Cheese Danish Display

Guava and Cheese Danish Close Up

Since that one was a no-brainer, I thought it best to try some of the pastries that were unlike things I already know and love. I carried my choices to the outdoor seating area… not a bad place to start the day, huh?

Outdoor seating

First up? I tried… [Read more…]

End Zone Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Closed For Renovations

As we reported earlier on our News Pin Board, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is currently renovating their End Zone food court. And today we’ve got some pics of the state of things over there currently, thanks to DFB reader Galloping Gourmand!

From August 5 – December 20, 2013, the End Zone Food Court at the All-Star Sports Resort in Walt Disney World will be closed for refurbishment.

Guests looking for made-to-order food may take a bus to the All-Star Music or All-Star Movies resorts. Two motor coaches will run during mealtimes. Guests will board buses from the porte-cochere outside the lobby and will be dropped off under the porte-cochere at the All-Star Movies or All-Star Music resorts.

During this closure, grab-and-go food items will be available at the Game Point Arcade. Guests looking for arcade games may also travel to the other All-Star resorts. Let’s take a look at the resort map so that you can plan accordingly!

All-Star Sports, Music, and Movies are within walking distance.

On my last stay at All-Star Music, I easily walked over to the All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies resorts by cutting through the parking lots. Of course, this would be less than convenient when trying to get your family ready for an early day of touring or after a long day in the parks.

And while the Team Spirits Pool Bar and the Pizza Delivery service are still open, guests are reporting [Read more…]

Review: Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

One of my very favorite Disney hotel counter service spots is Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Offering awesome cupcakes, it’s an ideal spot to stop off on your way to or from the Magic Kingdom. And like Captain Cook’s or Sunshine Seasons, it offers a wide variety of unique and delicious eats.

Let’s head over to the Contemporary for some late night eats!


The Contempo Cafe is located on the Grand Canyon Concourse of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, adjacent to Chef Mickey’s. While the restaurant has only been open since 2008, there’s an immediate sense of history here owing to its location.

Contempo Cafe on the Concourse of Disney's Contemporary Resort

Monorails have been buzzing through this concourse since the very beginning. And while the offerings have changed — a souvenir book from the 1970s reminds us that the Contemporary was once home to nine restaurants and lounges! — the interior as we all remember it from childhood remains very much the same.

You’ll still spy the soaring, colorful mosaic mural created by Disney artist and imagineer Mary Blair, that serves as the centerpiece to the concourse and a wall to the restaurant.

Mary Blair Mural

While not as large as some of the food court-style food service offerings of the value resorts, the Contempo Cafe occupies quite a bit of space. Because of the soaring ceilings and spacious layout, you feel as though you have plenty of room to stretch and spread out.

Seating is comfortable, dominated by tables and chairs with a clean, modern, almost Scandinavian feel. (Don’t miss the Mickeys!)

Seating Area

Though the area is spacious, [Read more…]

Hidden Gem: Liberty Square Market (Now Serving Sweet Potatoes!)

One of my favorite hidden gems in Disney World is the Liberty Square Market, located next to the Hall of Presidents in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

This open-air market offers a great variety of eats that you might not be able to find anywhere else in Disney World, including filling snacks like baked potatoes and corn on the cob! And on my recent visit, I noticed an updated menu…

New Menu - click image for larger version

I love the old-fashioned looking mug holding the frozen slush! ;-)

But more on this menu later. My favorite new addition was the baked sweet potato! Scroll down for my review and pics!

Sweet Potato and Corn on the Cob - click image for larger version

There is also a variety of fresh fruits and veggies sold here along with grab and go items like [Read more…]