“You Won’t Believe This!” Snack: Giant Gummy Bear

OK, I think it’s part of my job to keep you guys updated on fun and delicious Disney foods that you can find in Disney Parks and Resorts. This is why I’m always showcasing things like the butterfinger cupcake, that incredible Earl of Sandwich brownie frosting sandwich of wonderfulness, and plastic cheese.

But sometimes, a food makes it into the list of “You Won’t Believe This!” Snacks not because it’s heaven on Earth to eat, but because it strikes just the right combination of creepy, alien, and partly-delicious/partly-gross to be outrageous. Today, that’s the Giant Gummy Bear.

Introduction to the Giant Gummy Bear
That’s right. These are gummy bears that are big enough to sit on their own bums.

We’ve talked about gummies at Disney Parks before, but these are another thing entirely. At 4 inches tall and over [Read more…]

Global Gummies

Whether you like them or not, by now everyone’s at least sampled some gummi candy. In addition to the ubiquitous Gummi Bears, you’ve also got gummi worms, sour gummi staws, gummi vitamins, and even giant gummies.

Because the candy is taking the world by storm, Disney has jumped on the gummi bandwagon. They now sell a variety of gummi candy in their parks and resorts, and are even marketing their own Goofy’s Candy Company gummi brand.

So, while I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the standard gummi bear, how many of you have sampled gummi Salty Licorice Fish? How about Fruity Pasta gummi candy? Well, guess what — you can sample all of these, and more, in your favorite vacation destinations. Imagine that: rides, attractions, and a global selection of gummies in all in one place! One of the many reasons [Read more…]