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Review: Epcot’s Yakitori House

Disney Food Blog reviews the Yakitori House, a counter-service restaurant in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion.

Global Gummies

We’re exploring gummi candy around the world today! Visit to check out pics of gummi pasta, gummi salty licorice fish, and more!

Disney Snack Series: Kaki-Gori

Stop by the Japan Pavilion today on the Disney Food Blog and grab a Kaki-Gori with us! This delicious shaved ice and fruit syrup treat is the perfect fat-free treat in Disney World!

Teppan Edo!

We recently had the opportunity to again dine at Teppan Edo, a teppanyaki-style restaurant in Epcot’s Japan pavilion. We always have a great time here, as CMs are friendly and engaging, and sitting family style with 6 other people is usually an interesting experience. We also love the food! Most everything is cooked teppanyaki-style, meaning […]