Dining in Disneyland Review: Lavender Vanilla Bean Easter Cupcake

Strolling through Disney California Adventure, I decided to take a peek inside Trolley Treats to see if they had anything new I needed to try. Sure enough, as I walked past the refrigerated goodie counter, I noticed a Specialty Easter cupcake.

We told you about the Easter Cupcake in Disney World a bit earlier, but this one is a little different!

Easter Specialty Cupcake

I had my two year old niece with me, so of course I purchased one up quick and took it outside for us to share.

At first glance while ordering I saw “white” cake beneath the wrapper, so I assumed that this was just a vanilla cupcake adorably decorated for Easter. Wrong. Always ask for a flavor when you see the words “Specialty Cupcake.” 2 year olds do not like Lavender Vanilla Bean cupcakes… I mean they like the look of them, but the taste not so much.

Lavender Vanilla Easter Cupcake

Absolutely gorgeous with intricate details, I had a very hard time figuring out how to share this cupcake with a two year old.

Imagine the torture of sitting there while Auntie has to take 15 photographs before digging in.

"NO Touching, not yet Auntie needs to take pictures first!"

So after my little photo shoot, I took off the wrapper and noticed all these little “specks” in the cake. Immediately I thought “what in the world is this situation?”

The “official” description (which I got later) was [Read more…]