Review: Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Time to go back in time and dine with the Founding Fathers… . Or, at the very least, settle for the next best thing: dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern in Walt Disney World.

Liberty Tree Tavern has long held a special place in my heart — and in many of yours as well, I know. If you’re one of many longtime Tavern devotees, you already know that for years this Magic Kingdom Table Service has offered an a la carte menu for Lunch, while dinner has featured an All-You-Care-to-Enjoy meal served family style.

Both of those things are still true. But some notable changes to both the lunch and dinner menus took place just a couple months ago. For instance, Lunch still offers a la carte options (with some returning favorites among them), but you can also order the All-You-Care-to-Enjoy Bill of Fare, if you wish.

And the changes to Dinner? Well, there was only one. But it was a pretty darn big one, and I had to experience it for myself.

Liberty Tree Tavern Sign

Liberty Tree Tavern Sign

So please join me, my fellow citizens… .

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News: Baked Potato Now at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom

I have long sung the praises of Baked Potatoes in the Magic Kingdom.

And I know you may be thinking, “So what’s the big deal? I can bake a potato at home.” But there are a few things I love to point out about this humble snack option.

One: it’s a snack that is hearty enough to serve as more of a meal, while being less expensive than most better-known snacks on property. Two: it’s a terrific option for our vegetarian friends. Three: it’s a fairly low-cal option that still offers plenty of great comfort food taste (though you can load it up with all the butter, sour cream, and shredded cheese that comes with it, if you prefer. No one’s stopping you!).

It’s just one of those simple things that can really hit the spot. So you can imagine our concern when we noticed on our latest Magic Kingdom stroll that the Baked Potato was no longer available at the spot that has served as its home for years: Liberty Square Market.

Baked Potato At Liberty Square Market

Baked Potato At Liberty Square Market

In its place on the menu? Turkey Legs. [Read more…]

Review: Lighthouse and Anchors Aweigh Sandwiches at Magic Kingdom’s Columbia Harbour House

We always love to talk with you about the latest and greatest of Disney food here on DFB.

But today we’re taking time to savor a couple of classics: the Lighthouse and Anchors Aweigh Sandwiches have been around for a long time, and they can only be found at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom.

This quaint counter service spot is a hidden gem for Disney visitors. It’s not splashy like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, and it’s not really huge and sprawling like Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn. It’s small and understated. In fact, you could easily walk right by and not even know it’s there!

Columbia Harbour House

Straddling Liberty Square and Fantasyland (here’s what it looks like from the Fantasyland side…)

Columbia Harbour House -- Fantasyland View

Columbia Harbour House — Fantasyland View

…the restaurant offers several long-time Disney guest favorites. It’s one of those spots that first-timers don’t really know about unless they stumble upon it, but Disney vets try to visit as much as possible.

Ordering Area

Ordering Area

Fish, chicken, pasta, and more are the features here, and there always seems to be one or two “specials” happening at any given time. But the best part about this spot is that the upstairs dining area tends to be blessedly quiet much of the time.

Upstairs window tables at Columbia Harbour House

Upstairs window tables at Columbia Harbour House

It’s a spot I often escape to when I need a breather in the Magic Kingdom.

Columbia Harbour House upstairs

Columbia Harbour House upstairs

But we’re not here to show you pics of empty tables — we’re here to tell you all about some of those must-have eats that so many Disney fans hold near and dear.

These two sandwiches have quite the following among DFB readers, but those new to Columbia Harbour House might wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, upon reading the description of Anchors Aweigh — which is basically a tuna sandwich — many may ask, “what’s the deal?” (Jerry Seinfeld voiceover in your head entirely optional).

Columbia Harbour House menu

Columbia Harbour House menu

And it’s true — there aren’t any super unique or wacky ingredients that you can’t easily combine in your own home. No surprises here (unless there’s some added pixie dust that my eye can’t pick up. You never know around these parts…). What you see is what you get: tuna salad, tomato, and lettuce on multi-grain bread, served with potato chips. Frankly, it’s not even the prettiest sandwich ever, from a photography perspective.

Anchors Aweigh sandwich with chips

Anchors Aweigh sandwich with chips

Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

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Photo Tour: Memento Mori Haunted Mansion Specialty Shop in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Welcome, Foolish Mortals… to Memento Mori, the new Haunted Mansion gift shop in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square!

Memento Mori sign

Memento Mori sign

“Materializing” on October 6th, this spot (formerly Yankee Trader) is situated right by the Haunted Mansion, naturally. (The Haunted Mansion never HAD a gift shop, and Disney needed to remedy that, of course.) And we’re dying to show you Haunted Mansion fans some of the gems tucked inside… (and, yep — there are LOTS of awesome kitchen items and food-related goodies to share, too)!

Memento Mori gift shop

Memento Mori gift shop

But seriously, this place is pretty awesome. I wandered the store for nearly an hour just trying to take it all in. Here are a couple of pics of the “atmosphere” around the top of the display areas.

Memento Mori Atmosphere

Memento Mori Atmosphere

Memento Mori Atmosphere

Memento Mori Atmosphere

If you can’t get to the shop in person, some of [Read more…]

New!: Italian Spiced (and more!) Roasted Corn at Liberty Square Market

It’s funny: Liberty Square Market is smack dab in the middle of Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. And yet, somehow it remains something of a hidden gem. I’m referring to the structure itself, and also its food offerings. You never know what you might find at Liberty Square Market.

Liberty Square Market

Liberty Square Market

Well, that’s not entirely true. You do always know you’ll find lots of grab-n-go options, like bagged chips and whole fruit. And you’ll find them in a pretty cool setting! But there are always a few surprises here, too! Let’s check out a few of the details.


There is a lot of charm packed in this not-so-huge space. And all of it perfectly complements its Liberty Square surroundings, from the open-air building…

View of Liberty Square Market

View of Liberty Square Market

…to the font used on the menu.

Liberty Square Market Menu

Liberty Square Market Menu

I like the barrels of Mead, Ale, Grog, and potatoes! (Please note: Liberty Square Market sells neither mead, nor ale, nor grog ;D) . It does, however, sell potatoes! More on that in a few…)

Barrels o' Mead and Grog!

Barrels o’ Mead and Grog!

My very favorite is the cart full of chips. I like to think this was how the Founding Fathers picked up their Doritos and Cheetos after a long morning of drafting Constitutions and what-not. You know.

Cart full of chips

Cart full of chips

You can take your goods to this seating area behind the Market. Tables are often [Read more…]

Review: Columbia Harbour House at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Today, we are enjoying lunch in one of my very favorite corners of Magic Kingdom — Columbia Harbour House!

This restaurant is an original fixture of Magic Kingdom, although it opened way back in 1971 as Nantucket Harbour House. It was soon re-christened Columbia Harbour House, which echoes references to both Disneyland and the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. (Pause for sigh of nostalgia.)

Without knowing better, you may be tempted to pass right by this quick service spot, thinking that it’s a garden variety bastion of fried food. But while there are some battered options here, you’ll also find some lighter fare that’s worth a closer look. (Actually, I think the fried stuff is pretty rad, too.)

Menu Posted at the Entrance

Today, we’re exploring that fabled upstairs dining room, and we’re ordering up one of the eatery’s classic combos!


With its long-standing history and incredible attention to detail, Columbia Harbour House should not be dismissed as just another counter service spot.

One of the most interesting things to note about the restaurant is, in fact, its outside view. From the Liberty Square Side, it appears to fit in perfectly with its environs. It reminds me of a spot right on the harbor of some quaint New England town.

Outside View

But be sure to approach the restaurant from its Fantasyland side as well for a completely different view, which is decidedly more European. From that side, it looks like something straight out of Bavaria.

Columbia Harbour House -- Fantasyland View

Once inside, you definitely feel like you’ve [Read more…]

Review: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at Magic Kingdom

You know, I go to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments SO often when I’m in Disney World that I sometimes forget that it’s been a while since I actually “reviewed” it here on DFB! Let’s remedy that with some awesome pics of one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom.

Sleepy Hollow has always been one of the hidden gems in Disney World. It looks small and standard, but the menu packs a bunch of unique items that you can’t find anywhere else in Disney World. These include the now-cult-favorite waffle sandwiches in a couple of different varieties. Few folks visiting the park can resist stopping by for a sweet or savory waffle!

I’ve tried them a time or two, and I certainly have my favorites (mmmm…Nutella!). But today, I’m stopping by to see if they’re just as good as I remember! And I’ll probably need to snag a certain very favorite dessert while I’m here as well. :-)


If you veer left from Main Street toward Adventureland, and then hang a right on the foot bridge leading toward Cinderella Castle, you can’t miss Sleepy Hollow. Located at the entrance to the quaint Liberty Square area, this is a great spot to take a breather.

As you approach, you’ll see that Sleepy Hollow is a walk-up spot. The line wraps around the side — and there often is one, so be prepared.

Here’s some seriously fascinating trivia — the design of Sleepy Hollow’s facade is actually based on Washington Irving’s house in Tarry Town, New York. The detail of this place never ceases to amaze me. (Irving penned The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But you knew that, of course.)

Sunnyside, Washington Irving's Home in Tarry Town, New York

The spot is centrally located in the park, which means you’re steps away from anything that you’d like to take in next. That makes it a good rendezvous spot as well.

There is quite a bit of picnic-style seating beyond the pick up window, and you have a fun side view of the castle show while you’re eating.

All of the seating is located outdoors, but there’s a shady area with an overhang if you prefer it. Not many folks know about this seating area, so you may be able to find a table even on busy days.

When we finally got through the line and were ready to order, I had to snap a pic of the MyMagic Reader that’s set up at the ordering window. This is where you scan your key card to pay these days! It’s part of the MyMagic+ system Disney will be rolling out over the next year.

My Magic Key Card and Band Scanner Set Up at Sleepy Hollow

So, what will it be today? So much awesome to choose from…


Sleepy Hollow is still primarily a snack or breakfast stop, but with the addition of the savory waffles, you can easily make a meal here. (Look at all those Disney Dining Plan snack credit options!)

Sleepy Hollow Menu -- Click to Enlarge

As we reported on the Disney Food News Pin Board, [Read more…]

NEW! Hot Sandwiches Debut in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square!

DFB reporter Zach Metzger has a great review of the brand new sandwiches from Liberty Square Market in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Hot dogs, popcorn, turkey legs, baked potatoes: just a few of the vittles available to satisfy your appetite in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square.

Liberty Square Market, home to the aforementioned hot dogs and baked potatoes, is now also the home to two new sandwiches: the Hot Ham and Cheddar and the Hot Roast Beef and Swiss.

Both sandwiches are $6.99 not including tax, and are served wrapped in foil and piping hot, as advertised. I had the chance to try both!

New Sandwiches in Liberty Square

Liberty Square Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

The roast beef is presented on a nice French bread “sub”. The bread is crusty on the outside, providing good bite resistance, and moist and springy on the inside.

Piled high with meat, it’s far from skimpy. The flavor on the roast beef was robust; and the Swiss cheese was also in ample supply and at the perfect stage of melty-ness.

Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

I tried to cut through the sandwich to show a cross-section, but the plastic knife lost the battle to the crusty bread. Tearing the sandwich in half worked a bit better, but also mostly destroyed it. Oh well. You can use your imagination to picture a [Read more…]

Review: Sleepy Hollow’s Ham, Prosciutto, and Swiss Waffle Sandwich

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments unveiled new waffle sandwiches in November 2011.

Guests can choose between the popular sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich, the nutella and fruit waffle sandwich, and this ham with prosciutto and swiss waffle sandwich. And if you’re an early riser, be sure to check out the breakfast waffle version with egg, cheese, prosciutto, and tomato!

We’ve highlighted three of the four on this blog so far, but I wanted to have a complete set! So on a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom, I headed to Liberty Square to sample one of these creations; mindful that they are only served from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m.


Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is definition of “location, location, location!” With a sweet spot right in between the castle and Liberty Square’s Hall of Presidents, this is a great spot to stop for a snack as you’re headed from one land to another.

Sleepy Hollow

Seating is ample, and there are even picnic tables under cover, so it’s a great spot to get out of the sun. Of course, you can also get a pretty fun view of the Cinderella Castle show from these [Read more…]

Snack Series: Liberty Square’s Baked Potato

The Liberty Square Market kiosk is the place for a different kind of snack — a baked potato!

Baked Potato

That’s right; not all Disney snacks are packed with fat, sugar, and calories. Over in Liberty Square, right next to the Hall of Presidents, you can reward your tummy with a snack that has no preservatives and no artificial ingredients — plus it tastes great; especially on chilly Florida winter days!

Liberty Square Baked Potato- click image for larger version

The potato sells for $3.49, and comes with [Read more…]