Dining in Disneyland: Red Trolley Candy at Disney California Adventure

Along with the addition of the new Red Trolley Line at Disney California Adventure comes an adorable line of candy to go with it.

Red Trolley Car

These “Trolley Treats” can be found all over DCA. Their cute packages make them pretty irresistible!

Trolley Treats on Display

Available candies include Mickey shaped red licorice, taffy, a nostalgic candy mixed bag, and rainbow lollipops. All items are priced at $4.95.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I love the look of the Mickey Shaped Licorice. I’m curious to see if they have more of a Red Vines type or taste, or if they are more [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Mad Treats Specialty Lollipops

I’ve been eying these pretty lollipops since I first saw them at the Candy Palace before the Mad T Party even debuted at Disney California Adventure.

Mad Treats Lollipops

A sucker for anything sparkly, I thought they were almost too pretty to eat! I also love sour candies, so I was sold when I read the flavors were sour cherry, sour fruit punch, and sour apple

Priced at $5.99 for a bundle of 3 lollipops, they aren’t exactly cheap; but I really wanted to try the sour cherry one. So… on a recent visit to Disney California Adventure I purchased the trio from Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street and shared them with my boys as we took our first round trip Trolley Ride.

3 Lollipops for $5.99

I immediately claimed the sour cherry heart as mine. I am seriously in love with how glittery these lollipops are.  My oldest wanted the blue one, which he claims was fruit punch; and my youngest got left with [Read more…]

New! Madame Leota Lollipops in Disney Parks

As part of the new Halloween Goth Goodies candy line popping up in Disney Parks confectioneries, this Madame Leota lollipop showed up in Disneyland this week! Heather sent over some photos and a mini-review!

Madame Leota Lollipop

Madame Leota is an iconic character in Disney’s Haunted Mansion rides around the world. A “medium,” whose face floats ethereally in a crystal ball (which was recently given the ability to float, itself), this character was played by Leota Toombs, a Disney imagineer whose “eyes were the right distance apart to fit the test model,” she recalled.

Close Up of Leota

The sucker is clear (not a common find in Disney Parks) with a fruit punch flavor, and costs $3.45. Diameter is about 3.5 inches.

Heather got it at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, but it’s also at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney. We’re guessing these will pop up in Disney World as well, if they haven’t already.

Madame Leota Lollipop

Here’s how it works: the artwork of Madame Leota is pretty much a [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland First Look! New Treats Coming to Disney California Adventure

After what seems to have been an eternity, the construction walls of Disney California Adventure will soon be no more.  Lots of exciting things are on the horizon, including some fun new treats!

Granny Apple & Cotton Candy Frozen Beverages

At this week’s Annual Passholder Preview, I was able to get my taste buds revved up for a few of these unique new eats n’ drinks.

New Menu Items for DCA

With ElecTRONica coming to an end Mid April, The Mad T Party is scheduled to take its place starting in [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Valentine’s Day Treats at Marceline’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Marceline’s in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District has some season-specific treats that taste just as yummy as they look!

Marceline's in Downtown Disney

In addition to the “standard” holiday treats that return every year, and some basic staples of Marceline’s that I thought were “Valentine Appropriate,” I came across these new and quite beautiful “rose” like cupcakes — chocolate cupcakes with a giant dollop of vanilla frosting in the shape of a pretty flower.

"Rose" Cupcakes

And these princess-pink cupcakes make a great complement.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Mile High Pink Frosting

We love the specialty Disney-themed chocolate boxes no matter what they say, but this one might be particularly fitting for this time of year!

"Prince Charming" Chocolate

One of the most-loved flavors of Selma’s cookies takes the spotlight during the [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Snacks and More in Disneyland Paris

Heather Sievers, our Dining in Disneyland columnist, shares her recent adventure to Disneyland Paris with a whole slew-o-pics of food in the park!

This summer has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been on the go for 3 weeks all over Europe, which included an 11-day Disney Mediterranean Cruise followed by 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris. I begged and pleaded for a trip to Disneyland Paris and guess what? I got my way!

My cruise dining photos are amazing, over 1,000 of them if you can believe it, but I just couldn’t wait to share some super fun pics of the snacks and special treats that we found in Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Entrance

Only there for one short day, we really made the most of it. We spent half of the day at Walt Disney Studios and the latter half at Disneyland. Both parks were beautiful as well as FULL of amazingly yummy snacks. Unfortunately, while I did not try most of them, I did drool over the sights and smells. Enjoy!

Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park Eats

The first thing I noticed when we entered the Toy Story Playland at the Studios was an adorable [Read more…]

Guest Review: Vegan and Gluten-Free Meal at Remy on the Disney Dream

Let’s welcome back guest reviewer, Cheryl Perlmutter, with another restaurant review from the Disney Dream. This time, she dines at Remy and shares her vegan meal with our readers. Thanks, Cheryl!

In February, I went on the Disney Dream as part of the WDW Radio Cruise group. When I dine out, I request vegan meals and I am also gluten intolerant. Before boarding the ship, I contacted my travel agency and Disney Special Services. I noted my allergies and dietary needs and made requests.

Since I was planning an anniversary dinner on my May 2011 cruise, I decided to do a test run dinner at Remy with my friend Dana. At dinner the previous night, I contacted the restaurant manager who had been assigned to help with my special diet. I alerted him that I had dinner planned at Remy, and he notified Remy that I would be dining there the following night.

That night, dinner at Remy was excellent – the staff was very accommodating. The cheese course felt awkward as I was not eating, and my suggestion would be for them to get vegan cheeses for the cheese course portion of the meal.

The best dish was the Garlic Potato Puree, while the worst dish was the spaghetti squash as the flavor just wasn’t there.

garlic potato puree

Spaghetti Squash

I should have [Read more…]

Sucker Punch!

There are some quintessential theme park foods that come to mind when you think of Disney World — funnel cakes, Dole Whips, Mickey bars, and, for me, lollipops. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat them very often, maybe it’s because they’re so shiny and colorful, maybe it’s because I associate them with vacations from my childhood, but I always want to buy a big, ol’ swirly lollipop.

They’re an eye-catching hallmark of a Disney vacation. Their colorful sugar swirls captivate the eye in any shop, and I think they’re actually pretty artistic. So, for today’s mid-week pick-me-up, I wanted to share a few of my favorite sucker shots with you guys. Sit back, relax, remember when you were a kid, and let the colors take you away to YOUR happy place. :)

long disney lollipop

disney red and yellow lollipops

disney princesses lollipop

Pirate Mickey Lollipop Disney World

Mickey-shaped lollipops disney

More after the break! [Read more…]