Dining in Disneyland: Mad Treats Specialty Lollipops

I’ve been eying these pretty lollipops since I first saw them at the Candy Palace before the Mad T Party even debuted at Disney California Adventure.

Mad Treats Lollipops

A sucker for anything sparkly, I thought they were almost too pretty to eat! I also love sour candies, so I was sold when I read the flavors were sour cherry, sour fruit punch, and sour apple

Priced at $5.99 for a bundle of 3 lollipops, they aren’t exactly cheap; but I really wanted to try the sour cherry one. So… on a recent visit to Disney California Adventure I purchased the trio from Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street and shared them with my boys as we took our first round trip Trolley Ride.

3 Lollipops for $5.99

I immediately claimed the sour cherry heart as mine. I am seriously in love with how glittery these lollipops are.  My oldest wanted the blue one, which he claims was fruit punch; and my youngest got left with [Read more…]

First Look! The Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple in Disneyland

Strolling through Downtown Disney this morning, Marceline’s was closed. BUT, there were some talented candy makers in the kitchen making something brand spanking new: The Cheshire Cat caramel apple.

Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple

The apples, inspired by the new Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure, are $9.99 and will be available at Marceline’s in Downtown Disney, Candy Palace on Main Street, and Pooh Corner in Critter Country. I was also told that they will “most likely” be at Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street when it opens on the 15th of June!

Bubbling Caramel!

Getting Ready for a Chocolate Coating

I promised myself that on my way out, I’d be bringing one home…you know, for “work” purposes…. So, when I was on my way out of Disney California Adventure (review of Ghirardelli coming soon!), I popped into Marceline’s and noticed that there were [Read more…]

First Look: Mad T Party Drinks and Eats at Disney California Adventure

This past Friday, Disney California Adventure surprised visitors with a soft opening of their new nighttime dance party, the Alice-in-Wonderland-themed Mad T Party


Knowing that the “Rabbit Hole” was opening at 7:00, we got there just before so we could see the whole grand opening first night extravaganza. You can see by the photo below, that the soft opening wasn’t too big of a secret; lots of people!

Mad T Party Rabbit Hole (aka Entrance)

As far as seating goes, Disney really did it right. I am totally in love with the Linvin plastic furniture that they purchased to fill the area. If you want one of these in your home, though, it’s going to set you back about $895 (I did the research, I hope Disney got a bulk discount!). There are plenty of chairs, but you might have to fight me for a purple one….

Mad T Party Seating

And as the night wore on, the atmosphere got even more colorful…

Mad T Party After Dark

While waiting for the Rabbit Hole to open, which basically meant walking though a long tunnel of mist, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum greeted guests and put on a little banter to entertain us while we waited. I wonder if these guys shaved their heads for the part? 


Also, check the tough guy neck tats on the backs of their heads. Pretty [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland First Look! New Treats Coming to Disney California Adventure

After what seems to have been an eternity, the construction walls of Disney California Adventure will soon be no more.  Lots of exciting things are on the horizon, including some fun new treats!

Granny Apple & Cotton Candy Frozen Beverages

At this week’s Annual Passholder Preview, I was able to get my taste buds revved up for a few of these unique new eats n’ drinks.

New Menu Items for DCA

With ElecTRONica coming to an end Mid April, The Mad T Party is scheduled to take its place starting in [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: January 15, 2012

Lime Sake Cocktail

Cheers! Our favorite Disney destinations were filled with news of great places to enjoy an adult beverage. I certainly enjoyed Japan’s new outdoor sake bar. ;-)

Disney Food News to Quench Your Thirst

  • Cheers! Epcot’s Italy will be introducing the Gusto Wine Bar later this year!
  • Stop by Japan’s outdoor sake bar for a Lime Sake cocktail. Specialty drinks, bottled beer, and draft beer are also thirst quenching options!
  • Summer of 2012 will debut a new Alice in Wonderland themed rave, Mad T Party, replacing ElecTRONica in Disney California Adventure!
  • Disneyland held its first ever Dia de Reyes (Three Kings) celebration this past weekend! Check out these awesome photos and food reviews!
  • Target.com has some adorable Disney themed kitchenware. Go ahead and start your morning meal served in a Mickey bowl!

For more toast-worthy food news, stop by our Disney Food News Pin Board, where Disney Food News is updated on a regular basis!

On to the Round-Up!

Walt Disney World for Grown Ups stops by the Petals Pool Bar at the Pop Century Resort.

Tahitian Terrace Restaurant

Daveland gives us a nostalgic look (circa 1969) at the Tahitian Terrace Restaurant in Disneyland. And includes the vintage menu!

All Ears Net guest blogger Jason (of DisneyGeek.com) has some awesome pics of new restaurant construction over in Disney California Adventure!

Bonnet Creek Blog has great news about Oscar’s at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Resort! They’ve developed a delicious Golden Waffle recipe that will entice guests to savor a relaxing morning!

Main Street Gazette tries the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

All Fare’s Food Blog returns to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater for drinks, eats and fun movie clips!

USA Today Travel and Mouseplanet highlight dining at Disney with Dietary Restrictions.

About.com Theme Parks finds Via Napoli’s pizza disappointing. (Sigh… I disagree…)

House of Cards Nightclub Coming to Disney California Adventure

OK, all of you ElecTRONica fans, it’s time to switch your loyalties!

Coming in Summer 2012 is the brand new Mad T Party craziness — an Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton style) themed rave of live music, dancing, cocktails, and eats at the Disney California Adventure Hollywood Pictures Backlot. This new party replaces ElecTRONica, and will be the new time-filler before guests file over into World of Color.

Mad T Party Concept Art

So what does this mean for food-lovers? The new House of Cards Nightclub will be part of the fiesta, and according to the LA Times, it will be serving playing-card-themed cocktails. Also, a food truck will be serving Wonderland-themed foods and [Read more…]