Review: Tropical Pastries at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

If you’re at Caribbean Beach Resort and are hoping to start your day with a taste of the islands, then you’re in luck.

The last time DFB was here was when AJ reviewed the one-of-a-kind Monkey Cupcake! Today, it’s time to check out another unique set of Island-y goodies!

The Grab and Go area at Caribbean Beach’s Old Port Royale food court is now serving tropical-inspired breakfast pastries! Kudos to the pastry chefs here for coming up with such fun additions to the menu!

Grab and Go Area at Old Port Royale food court

This will be the first area you encounter — to your right — when you walk into the Food Court from the parking lot area. It’s a wide open space that you can’t miss.

This area of the food court features cold sandwiches and snacks for a quick bite any time of day. (And it’s a great place to pick up your midnight snack before heading back to your room after a long day in the parks.)

Stop by the Grab & Go

Refrigerated areas offer some healthier for you snacks, too, like fruit, salads, and pre-made sammies.

Display at Grab & Go

But we were here to check out the unique pastries with tropical flavors!! Here we go!


As I approached the bakery case, I noticed many favorites that are standard across Disney World Resort food courts (Cheese Danish, Chocolate Croissants, and Cinnamon Rolls, among others).

Bakery Case

Bakery Items

But I was especially impressed to find several tropical treats to choose from. I counted eight in all: the Mango Almond Tartlet, Pineapple Turnover, Pineapple Coconut Muffin, Ginger Mango Muffin, Guava and Cheese Danish or Turnover, Mango Coconut Muffin, and the Banana Turnover. Welcome to the Islands!

Tropical Pastries

I was tempted to grab what would most obviously suit my tastes: the Guava and Cheese Danish. There are few things I love more than a Cream Cheese Danish. Add to that a dollop of Guava puree and… GOOD MORNING!!

Guava and Cheese Danish Display

Guava and Cheese Danish Close Up

Since that one was a no-brainer, I thought it best to try some of the pastries that were unlike things I already know and love. I carried my choices to the outdoor seating area… not a bad place to start the day, huh?

Outdoor seating

First up? I tried… [Read more…]