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News: New Gourmet Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Apple Coming to Disneyland in January

Check out the brand new Caramel Apple coming to Disneyland starting January 1!

Dining in Disneyland: The Holiday Specialty Caramel Apple (A.K.A. the Peppermint Beast)

There’s a giant Holiday specialty caramel apple at Disneyland this year! Packed with caramel, peppermint, M&Ms, and more, find out what it’s like to actually eat one!

Dining in Disneyland: Halloween at Marceline’s Confectionery

New Halloween treats are available at Marceline’s Confectionery in Disneyland! Check them out here!

Dining in Disneyland: New Belle Caramel Apples

Check out a brand new caramel apple debuting in Disneyland, designed after Beauty and the Beast princess, Belle!

Dining in Disneyland: The Patented Chocolate Easter Egg

Spring has sprung in Disneyland — check out these cute Easter-time treats at Marceline’s Confectionery!

Dining in Disneyland: St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers scours the parks for these sweet St. Patrick’s Day treats!

St. Patrick’s Day Events and Menus in Disney World and Disneyland

On St. Patrick’s Day, WDW and Disneyland restaurants offer more than green beer. Authentic Irish menus are highlighted.

Dining in Disneyland: The (Not So Mini) Mini Cupcake Sampler

Get ready to go into sugar shock! This mini-cupcake sampler from Disneyland will knock your socks off! Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers gives us the low-down on this sweet treat…

Disney Food Pics of the Week

In a brand new Disney Food Blog series, check out some incredible Disney food photography!