Disney FOOD CHALLENGE! Can You Eat All 19 Of Our Favorite Mickey-Shaped Foods?!?

It’s challenge time, Disney food friends! And this time it’s all about the Main Mouse: Mickey! You already know that we love pretty much all things Mickey-shaped, so what better excuse to munch on those iconic ears than with a Mickey-Shaped Food Challenge?! Thanks to our DFB youtube channel viewer who suggested this fun challenge!

Disney Food Challenge: Mickey-Shaped Eats

Check out 19 of our favorites below — and see if you can get ‘em all!!!

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Dining in Tokyo Disneyland: Park Snacks, Plus a Few Meals, Too!

There are so many unique eats at the Tokyo Disney Resort.  In this post, I’ve complied most of the items my family tried on our recent trip. Rather than do individual posts on each thing, here’s a mega post featuring them all! Ready, let’s go to Tokyo!

I’m going to start with my very first snack stop at Tokyo Disney Sea. We stopped at Refrescos’ in the Mediterranean Harbor area for a little bit of everything: A Gyoza Sausage Bun, a Maple Mickey Churro, and Cream of Corn Soup.  Basically one of every thing on the menu.  We were really excited because there was absolutely zero line.  I’m told that the Gyoza Sausage Bun is one of the most popular items at Disney Sea and sometimes people wait over an hour for one.  We lucked out because apparently this was an area that just recently started selling them.  Normally they are only at the stand in Mysterious Island.

Goyza Sausage Bun, Corn Soup & a Mickey Churro

Gyoza Sausage Bun, Corn Soup & a Mickey Churro

I was most excited about the Maple Mickey Churro, but unfortunately, it fell way short of the churros we have at the Disneyland Resort.  Although it scored major points for being Mickey shaped, the churro itself was hard, dry and had very little flavor.  Really cute, but not at all worth it.

Mickey Shaped Maple Churro

Mickey Shaped Maple Churro

The Corn Soup was fabulous.  It’s not creamy like a chowder you’d find in the states, but it is still flavorful and hits the spot on a chilly day.  I love that it’s served in [Read more…]

Snack Series: Mickey Gingerbread Cookie

If you’re like me, you typically reserve gingerbread treats for the end of the year. I simply can’t disassociate the fragrance and taste of gingerbread from all-things-Holidays.

I look forward each November to the Gingerbread Cupcake at Hollywood Studios in the same way I look forward to making gingerbread treats in my own home throughout December. (Okay, so they’re the pre-made/pre-cut cookies that you just have to warm up in the oven… that counts, right?)

DHS Gingerbread Cupcake

DHS Gingerbread Cupcake

BUT, if you want access to delicious gingerbread all year round…you’ve got it — in the form of the Mickey Gingerbread Cookie!

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie in case

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie in case

You’ll often find this little guy in bakery cases across Disney World. But I’ve had the best luck at Sweet Spells and Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios, Goofy’s Candy Co. in Downtown Disney, and Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery, which is where I grabbed mine.

Main Street Confectionery

Main Street Confectionery

Confectionery bakery case -- Gingerbread Mickey is on the bottom row

Confectionery bakery case — Mickey Gingerbread is on the bottom row

The composition is simple: a gingerbread cookie with the signature ears dipped in milk chocolate, with two white chocolate candy buttons to spiffy up the ol’ outfit. To be honest, he looks more like a “Mickey Fan Gingerbread” wearing an ear hat as opposed to a “Mickey Gingerbread” to me, but we’ll let that slide, since he looks cute as a traditional Gingerbread Man either way!

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie

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Snack Series: Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich

For those of you who have visited a Disney Park before, you might be familiar with this chilly chocolate-cookies-and-cream snack of deliciousness!

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich is a delicious Nestle treat offered at ice cream snack carts and freezers throughout the parks and resorts. Any ice cream treat with a Mickey face smiling up at you is bound to be a memorable snack. :-)

Mickey's ice cream sandwich

To create this (admittedly quite large) snack, Cookies and Cream ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. The texture of the wafers is similar to a typical ice cream sandwich, but they’re a little crispier (no sogginess here!) like actual cookies.

Hello, Mickey!

The different textures of the ice cream and the cookies makes this a [Read more…]

Try It! The Magic Kingdom “I Heart Mickey” Snack Crawl

The DFB Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks e-Book is packed with salty, savory and sweet munchies that make a day at the Magic Kingdom even more memorable! You know how much I love food-inspired crawls, so today I’d like to share with you the details of the I Heart Mickey Snack Crawl we developed for our Magic Kingdom Snacks guidebook.

I can’t promise that you’ll run into Mickey Mouse during this icon-enriched tour, yet you can honor our favorite mouse by feasting on these Mickey-shaped treats in the Magic Kingdom!

Here we go…

Mickey Waffle

Travel to your starting point — Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square — to enjoy the ever popular Mickey Waffle. We’re going for the plate-sized Mickey waffle, here; and this is one of the only places in the World you can get them!

Mickey Waffle

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Next up, we’ve got another iconic snack for you! Head to any treat cart in the Magic Kingdom to revel in the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar! Go ahead and get [Read more…]

Mickey-Shaped Pretzels Spotted in Disney World!

Big news for Mickey foodie fans! The pretzels that we are so fond of in Disneyland Park are now being served in Walt Disney World, we hear!!

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese in Disneyland

Mickey-shaped soft pretzels were recently spotted in the Magic Kingdom. And that makes my foodie heart go pitter patter! ;-)

Have you seen the Mickey pretzels in the MK or anywhere else in WDW? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Orlando Attractions Magazine for the heads up!

Snack Series: Walt Disney World Jumps on the Cake Pop Bandwagon

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster takes an in-depth look at the trendy Cake Pop infiltration of Walt Disney World.

The new addition to the world of Mickey-shaped sweet treats is the cake pop. In case you’ve missed out on this relatively new foodie trend, cake pops are small treats composed of cake and frosting mashed up to form a sort of cake paste, then formed into a ball or circle, and served on a stick.

The cake is almost always dipped into a chocolate or candy coating and often amusingly decorated. You can find do-it-yourself cake pop recipes here.

The sugar-coated cake pop.

Intro to Cake Pops in Disney World

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I found cake pops sold at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Sweet Spells, and at Downtown Disney’s Goofy’s Candy Company and Candy Cauldron.

The pops come in four possible cake flavors: chocolate, vanilla, marble, and red velvet. The candy coating is milk chocolate with either [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: December 5, 2010

Welcome to the first Disney Food Post Round-Up of December 2010!! As always, we’ll begin with the news:

  • Don’t forget to vote in our DFB Choice Awards! The awards have been set up so that Disney Food Blog readers can help future Disney-trippers by letting their favorite restaurants be known! You can vote through December 22nd.
  • Disney’s launched its own snack chip line in the parks!
  • Take a look at some new Le Cellier menu items.
  • The Coke Freestyle Machine, featuring 106 flavors, is now at WDW’s Downtown Disney movie theater.
  • Disney World Annual Passholders can get a free (small) bag of Karamell Kuche caramel corn from December 4-11! Just show a valid photo ID with your Annual Pass to get the treat.

Also, I’d like to share with you a very special holiday request from a very special colleague. The SamLand’s Disney Adventures Blog is reaching out to the Disney Community to help raise funds for Women at Work, a nonprofit focused on helping people learn career skills and find employment. Please stop over to SamLand to read his request on behalf of this great organization.

Now, on to the round-up!

ABC News has a showcase of Mickey Shaped Food! (Thanks to Erin Foster for the heads up!)

Main Street Gazette reviews the WDW Contemporary Resort’s Contempo Cafe.

DLRP Magic shares the great news that Disneyland Paris has just added restaurant menus to their site!

Yesterland shares the history of L’ Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante in Epcot (an oldie, but a goodie).

DisneyShawn gives us more Club 33 goodness.

Party Through the Parks highlights more holiday drinks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Look Who I Found in Disneyland!

Our favorite mouse can be found all over Disneyland! Here are some of my favorite ways that Mickey Mouse showed up in foodie form on my Disneyland trip…

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese in Tomorrowland

Mickey Bread in Disney's California Adventure

A Mickey-Head Design Brownie in Disney's Grand Californian Resort

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Take A Bite Out of….Mickey?

Nobody knows branding quite like the Disney Company. When you visit a Disney establishment, not only do you see your favorite mouse in animated character form, you also see him in every other form imaginable…including those that are edible!

While you can consume Mr. Mouse as a pasta, a vegetable, an ice cream sundae, and even as a pancake, my favorite Mickey Mouse-shaped foods are those that follow:

1. Mickey Waffles: These seem to keep popping up in my blog, but they’re pretty quintessential Disney food, no? The Mickey Waffle can be found on just about every buffet breakfast and room service menu on property; it’s a staple Disney parks and resorts food, and with all the folks trying to duplicate it at home, why shouldn’t it be?

Mickey Waffles at Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast

Mickey Waffles at Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast

2. The Mickey Bar: This has been an icon of Disney theme park food since…the beginning of Disney theme park food? (Seriously, if anyone has a good “history of the Mickey Bar” they can share, I’d be most obliged.) It’s simple and ubiquitous and can be enjoyed by adults and kids both.

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

Frozen Treats at the Magic Kingdom

Frozen Treats at the Magic Kingdom

3. Mickey Rice Krispies Treat (on or off a stick): Who knew such a simple recipe, first printed on the Rice Krispies box in 1941, would, with just a little re-shaping, become such a huge mega-seller in Disney theme parks? Sometimes dipped in chocolate, sometimes straight-up, Mickey Rice Krispies Treats are a great between-meal snack. And low-fat, right? (By they way, every once in a while you can find GIANT Mickey Rice Krispies treats — bigger than your head.)

Mickey Rice Krispies Treat

Mickey Rice Krispies Treat

4. Chocolate-covered Mickey Pretzels: Again, simple, yet delicious. Grab a pretzel, dip it in chocolate, add some decoration, and sell it for an enormous profit. We’re happy, you’re happy.

Chocolate-Covered Mickey Pretzels

Chocolate-Covered Mickey Pretzels

Now, my fifth favorite Mickey-shaped nom was not mentioned here, because I don’t believe it exists any longer (but I can hope!). If anyone out there has a photograph (or knowledge of its presence on Disney property) of the old sculpted Mickey butter that used to be served at the restaurants, I’d love to see it. A 3-dimensional sculpture of Mickey made out of butter. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Also, let me know YOUR favorite Mickey-shaped foods…there are many not mentioned here…