Disney Food Pics of the Week: Comfort Food

We love the new pictures we’ve been receiving in the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! Warning: Don’t try looking at them when you’re hungry! ;-)

The Disney Food Pics of the Week this week feature Comfort Food. For a taste of home, try one of these comforting menu items!

Mom loves an excuse not to cook! This Mom’s Night Out tray from Pop Century’s Everything Pop Food Court makes a hearty meal of Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans & corn bread.
Photographer: Chrissy Field/siriusthinking

Mom's Night Out Special

Home-style meals such as Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie are available at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in [Read more…]

Pop Century’s Everything Pop Food Court

There’s a brand new resort fan site for those of us who love Disney’s Pop Century Resort: PopCenturySite.com! We’re using a few of those photos today for a little review of one of my favorite food courts in Disney World: Everything Pop! But these photos aren’t even close to the end of the stash — check out the site’s image galleries for hundreds more photos, including dining pics with detailed menus.

Everything Pop Food Court

Pop Century’s Everything Pop food court is definitely worth a visit, even if you aren’t staying there — no kidding. The food is good, the decor is fun, and they have those groovy sit-down video game things. You know what I’m talking about, right? Here. These ones [Read more…]

Resort Specialty: Mom’s Night Out at Pop Century

Update: Fried Chicken is served on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday is now Meatloaf night; Thursday and Friday evenings offer turkey dinners.

Many of the Disney Resorts have specialty food items for which those hotels are uniquely known. Disney’s Pop Century has several of these, like the famous tie-dye cheesecake, but there’s one fun foodie twist that I’m not sure everyone knows about:

Pop Century Favorites

Pop Century Favorites

The “Mom’s Night Out” meal fits perfectly into the resort’s theme, which highlights famous and popular toys, inventions, and productions from the 20th century. In this case, “Mom’s Night Out” refers to the nights when Mom went out to the PTA meeting or bowling league, meaning Dad and the kids got to have TV dinners! Except this isn’t just any TV dinner — and it sure doesn’t taste like it came out of the microwave.

Head over to Pop Century’s food court from 4-10pm any night of the week to sample the Mom’s Night Out dinner — Saturday, Sunday, and Monday feature fried chicken; Tuesday and Wednesday bring turkey; and Thursday and Friday are pork. The best part (in my opinion) is the fresh cornbread with each meal.

Pop Century Moms Night Out Menu

Which is your favorite Mom’s Night Out meal? And let us know of the other “resort favorites” you’ve seen and tried!