New Menu Items at Epcot’s Restaurant Marrakesh

We have always thought of EPCOT’s Restaurant Marrakesh as one of Disney World’s most interesting restaurants. It has taken great pains to make authentic Moroccan food appealing to guests with any palate. They are continuing in this tradition by adding some unique Moroccan specialties to their menu.

Marrakesh Sign and Menu Book

Marrakesh Sign and Menu Book

Their first introduction is Pan-Seared Lamb Loin Medallions and Hummus Rosemary Pancakes. This dish comes with zucchini, olives, and toasted garlic au jus.

Restaurant Marrakesh's New Pan-Seared Lamb Loin Medallions and Hummus Rosemary Pancakes ©Disney

Restaurant Marrakesh’s New Pan-Seared Lamb Loin Medallions and Hummus Rosemary Pancakes ©Disney

Some new appetizers are on the menu include Mussels Casablanca. The dish couples steamed mussels with capers, tomatoes, and saffron cream sauce. You’ll also find a new Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread available as an app.

Save room for dessert with the popular Warm Beignets & Sweet Cream. These sweet beignets are fried with spiced sugar, cinnamon, and cloves and topped with toasted almonds and dark chocolate or caramel sauce.

Restaurant Marrakesh's New Warm Beignets & Sweet Cream ©Disney

Restaurant Marrakesh’s New Warm Beignets & Sweet Cream ©Disney

If you can’t decide, just order the Taste of Morocco menu – which Disney states is “a multi-sensory journey through the flavors and soul of Morocco.”

This three-course meal for one comes with a taste of Moroccan salads for the first course, and the main event is Couscous Royal (beef tenderloin shish kebbab, chicken brochettes, merguez sausage, and braised lamb) served in a Traditional Tagine accompanied by couscous. Close out the meal with a selection of assorted Baklavas for dessert.

Restaurant Marrakesh's New  Taste of Morocco Menu ©Disney

Restaurant Marrakesh’s New Taste of Morocco Menu ©Disney

This one-person three course meal is $59.99 per person and counts at one Table Service credit on the Disney Dining Plan plus $9.99, or one Deluxe Dining Plan credit. To make reservations, visit the Walt Disney World Resort website or call 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463).

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Disney Food Post Round-up: February 18, 2018

Happy weekend! We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, now it’s time to kick back, relax, and catch up on another week of Disney food news!

Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich

The FULL MENUS for Epcot’s upcoming FLOWER AND GARDEN FESTIVAL are out! And we’ve got them here — plus a TON of photos of returning food items to the booths! Check them out and start your planning – the Festival starts February 28!

And it’s time to get the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2018 e-book! Save 25% now with code wdw2018!

We have a lot to share with you this week, so let’s jump right in…

Disney Food News

Check out all the latest Disney Food News — even the stuff we don’t mention in posts on the blog! — on our Disney Food News Pin Board, including menu updates, restaurant closures, special events, and more! We’ve got all the latest for you, so check it out before you go. [Read more…]

DFB Video: Food Tour of Epcot’s Morocco

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re back with another DFB Video this weekend, and we’re taking you on a food tour of Epcot’s beautiful Morocco Pavilion!

Morocco Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

It’s no secret that the Morocco Pavilion is one of the most gorgeous and immersive Pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase. What does tend to remain more of a mystery to many guests is this Pavilion’s food options. So we’d love to take you on a tour and show you some of the terrific and tasty options including one of the top Counter Service restaurants in Disney World. [Read more…]

Disney Food Blog FAQ: How Much Should I Budget for the 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival?

It’s here! I can hardly believe it, but the 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival is finally underway!

Food and Wine Tips Graphic 1

The fun officially kicked off on September 14 and runs until November 14. That’s more than eight weeks of savoring all that this special event has to offer! And we had so much fun eating and drinking along the Promenade to discover our Best of the Fest dishes and drinks to recommend!

But of course, you can’t forget the tons of events that take place during the Festival. From Low Cost Events like Culinary Demonstrations and Beverage Seminars to high end Special Events like Party for the Senses, there’s so much to do at every turn. But here’s the catch — nearly all of it comes with a pricetag.

So that, of course, begs the question: how in the World do you plan for the Food Lover Trip of the Year?

We get it! So we’re here for you with some great tips for Budgeting for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. And if you like what you see, be sure to check out our 2016 DFB Guide to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, completely updated with everything you can expect to enjoy at this year’s event!

The Food and Wine Festival is HERE! But it can be pricey...

The Food and Wine Festival is HERE! But it can be pricey…

How Much Money Should I Budget For a Day at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival?

Well, the answer to that is…it totally depends! [Read more…]

Review: Morocco Juice Bar at Epcot’s Spice Road Table

It’s no secret that we think Morocco has some of the most intriguing options in Epcot’s World Showcase, so we’re going to take a closer look!

The juice bar outside the Spice Road Table restaurant in the Morocco pavilion has some refreshing options you might be interested in! The bar is basically a walk-up window serving some unique drinks. (They used to have house-made ice cream, but, alas, no longer.) While you wait for your table at Spice Road Table or walk around the World Showcase, stop by the juice bar for a pick-me-up!


Morocco Juice Bar

[Read more…]

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Review: Mediterranean Food and Wine Pairing at Spice Road Table

It’s hard to believe that the 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival is right around the corner!

2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Logo Official Disney

This year, it stretches to a full two months! The fun begins September 14 and runs 62 days — ending November 14!

While there’s so much to eat, drink, and explore, it’s always fun to take in a few of the Special Events happening throughout the festival.

Events are varied, and include premium parties like Party for the Senses as well as special lunches and dinners that emphasize food and beverage pairings.

In the past we’ve really enjoyed these experiences, ranging from Beverage Pairings in Japan to Beer and Food Pairing in Italy — and even a Tequila Pairing in Mexico!

Last year, we decided that it was time to try a few new experiences. And since we had already tried the Moroccan Wine Pairing (loved it!), the other event in the Morocco Pavilion piqued our interest.

Wondering About ALL of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival Events?

The DFB Guide to the 2016 Epcot Food & Wine Festival e-Book is now available for pre-order! This 250+-page guide to the Festival offers insider tips and advice as well as all of the details you need to know to plan your best Festival visit ever.

2015 DFB F&W Guide Cover

Your purchase includes several bonus items as well — including a full daily schedule of events at the Festival and a printable World Showcase Booth Menu Checklist to carry with you as you Eat around the World!

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And now, onto the review!

Mediterranean Food and Wine Pairing in the Morocco Pavilion

The Mediterranean Food and Wine Pairing event took place at Spice Road Table in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion. [Read more…]

Review: Chocolate Honey Baklava at Tangierine Cafe in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

Tangierine Cafe is one of Epcot’s World Showcase Counter Service classics thanks to delicious and authentic eats.

However, this beautiful Pavilion can be overlooked in regards to dining, even while showcasing great food in beautiful surroundings with Restaurant Marrakesh, Spice Road Table, and again, the spot we’re visiting today — Tangierine Cafe. It’s understandable, though, that when groups (especially families with little ones) travel together, the Pavilion offering possibly the most different flavors from what the majority of the group may be used to might be the easiest to pass.

Still, no matter what your or your traveling companions’ flavor preferences might be, I can think of few people who can argue against Baklava. Buttery and flaky puff pastry filled with honey and nuts (walnuts, cashews, or pistachios, while we’re at it), you’ll find a few varieties tucked into the pastry case located past the primary ordering counter at Tangierine Cafe.

Tangierine Cafe Sign

Tangierine Cafe Sign

You’ll have to go on a hunt because the pastries are located in a small alcove of sorts beyond the main ordering area. They’ll be on your left when facing the entree ordering stations. Your search will be rewarded with the view of a case full of items like Chocolate or Tangerine Rolls (or Roulades), Semolina Cookies and Almond Pastries alongside more standard muffins and cookies. [Read more…]

Recommended Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Credit Values

We are back with the final installment in our popular series sharing our picks for the Top Value Restaurants when it comes to using your Disney Dining Plan in Walt Disney World.

Disney Food Blog Recommended Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Credit Values

Previously, we shared our recommendations for the Recommended Disney Dining Plan Two-Credit Restaurants as well as our choices for Recommended Disney Dining Plan One-Credit Restaurant Values.

Today, we’re sharing our recommendations for Quick Service Restaurants when you’re using the Disney Dining Plan.

Remember — the name of the game here is finding the restaurants that hit the right balance: they have 1) a high average entree price, but they’re also 2) spots that we here at DFB would recommend.

Why is this important? Because we want to help you maximize those Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Credits. Note that we have plenty of our own favorites that don’t make this list because the average price didn’t put them at the top.

Here are our picks for the restaurants that give you the best overall bang for your Disney Dining Plan buck when it comes to quick service credit spots.

Wolfgang Puck Express

Wolfgang Puck Express has been around forever, it seems. But one thing doesn’t change — even after all of these years, it still represents amazing quality and value, whether you’re dining on the DDP or not.

Wolfgang Puck Express Roast Chicken -- One of My All-Time Favorites

Wolfgang Puck Express Roast Chicken — One of My All-Time Favorites

That’s because the food here is easily on par with many table service spots. And when you consider that the average price of an entree here is just over $13, it also makes a lot of sense to spend your DDP credits here. [Read more…]

Review: Tangierine Cafe in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

It has been too long since my last visit to Epcot’s Tangierine Cafe. (Yep, that’s spelled correctly. It’s like a play on words, right? Tangiers, Morocco — Tangierine? Get it? OK, moving on.)

My absence from this spot recently is kind of shocking, since it’s always voted some of the best and most interesting counter service food that you can get anywhere in Walt Disney World.

Located right on the promenade in the Morocco Pavilion, Tangierine Cafe offers an immersive atmosphere and good food with the ring of authenticity. Or at least, that’s always been my experience before.


Tangierine Cafe is very photogenic. The whole Morocco pavilion is gorgeous, and this is no exception.

Tangierine Cafe

Tangierine Cafe

Once inside, you’ll find a cafeteria-style ordering area, and limited seating.

Ordering Counter and Seating Area

Ordering Counter and Seating Area — Notice the Beautiful Light Fixtures and Ceiling Detail

Assembling Plates

Assembling Plates

Indoor Seating Area, as Seen From the Coffee Bar at the Back

Indoor Seating Area, as Seen From the Coffee Bar at the Back

As you probably know, the construction of the Morocco Pavilion was sponsored by the government of Morocco; the design was overseen by King Hassan II himself! And so, the intricate decor and detail you see here represent design details authentic to Moroccan ideals.

Zellige tile, colored glass, and beautiful light fixtures punctuate the space and transport you to your exotic destination.

View from indoor table

View from indoor table


Seating and Stunning Tilework

Beautiful Lighting and Ceiling Detail

Beautiful Lighting and Ceiling Detail

Choose a seat inside, or enjoy lunch on the outdoor terrace that’s off to the side of the front entrance. It provides an excellent vantage for people watching.

Tangierine Cafe Terrace

Tangierine Cafe Terrace

View from Outdoor Seating

View from Outdoor Seating

There’s also a wonderful little room in the back of the space, set apart from the high-celinged main dining room. Since it’s rather hidden, sometimes you’ll find it empty. It’s a great spot to take a break from the Epcot crowds.

Small Room Off to the Side of the Coffee and Dessert Bar

Small Room Off to the Side of the Coffee and Dessert Bar

Additional outdoor seating, with umbrella-shaded tables, is available on the other side of the restaurant.

Additional Outdoor Seating on the Other Side of Tangierine Cafe

Additional Outdoor Seating on the Other Side of Tangierine Cafe

Back inside, you’ll make your selections and await your food. Beverage options include a few Moroccan beers, which are available by the bottle, in addition to standard soft drink options.

Top Cooler with Bottled Soft Drinks and Beer

Top Cooler with Bottled Soft Drinks and Beer

Some of the Beers Available

Some of the Beers Available

You’ll find another hidden gem in the back of the restaurant, near the cash register. A bar devoted to [Read more…]