Model Shots: Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

Thanks again to reader and super Disney Food Scrapbooker Heather W. for some awesome photos from the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Model, currently in residence at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

New Fantasyland Map

Of course, our biggest focus here are the upcoming restaurants — Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern — scheduled to open in “late 2012.”

Fantasyland Model

We see Beast’s Castle looming in the upper right-hand corner!

Fantasyland Model

This wall serves as the gateway to the new area. Here is where Belle’s Cottage where “Enchanted Tales with Belle” will take place. I can almost see Belle strolling through with a book in hand!


Nestled at the base of the Beast’s Castle is Gaston’s Tavern. As guests approach the pub in this French village, the impressive fountain highlights Gaston’s super-ego.

Inside this counter-service location, a huge portrait will further showcase Gaston’s love — of himself! After the tavern, venture across the way to Bonjour! Village Gifts.

Gaston's Tavern

Yes, we are all eagerly anticipating the opening of the imagineering marvel, Be Our Guest Restaurant! We’ve seen a sneak peek of the ballroom with a breathtaking mural, and read descriptions of the various dining rooms.

The doors inside the lower rocks (on the right) and between the green trees lead to Be Our Guest. Knock, [Read more…]