Epcot’s Newest Dessert Should Go On Your Snack Credit List. Now.

Spring has sprung in Walt Disney World, and amidst all the changes in greenery and scenery (particularly at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival), we’re also seeing lots of dramatic menu changes. (We shared the overhaul at Electric Umbrella over the weekend!) And today, we’re at Liberty Inn, the quick service spot located in Epcot’s American Adventure (a/k/a the America Pavilion!).

Liberty Inn

Liberty Inn

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Review: Mickey Oreo Cheesecake at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

We found the cutest treat at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion!

The Land is the huge building at the back of the park that houses Soarin’, Living with the Land, and the beloved counter service spot Sunshine Seasons! The counter-service restaurant has a great selection of meals including an oak-grilled station with oak-grilled salmon, sandwich station (wraps included!), and even an Asian grill station, where you can find fan-favorite Mongolian Beef and Fried Rice!

As if that weren’t reason enough to visit Sunshine Seasons, you can also find some ah-mazing treats like our favorites the warm peanut butter brownie and the strawberry shortcake.

Warm Peanut Butter Brownie at Sunshine Seasons

Warm Peanut Butter Brownie at Sunshine Seasons

But today we found a new addition to the dessert section — this Mickey Oreo Cheesecake!

Mickey Oreo Cheesecake

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Snack Series: Giant Oreo Cookie Sandwich

3-2013 UPDATE: Unfortunately, we haven’t seen these in the parks for the past year or so. :-(

Every once in a while I come across something in Disney World that makes me do a double take. One example of this is the giant gummy bear in Epcot’s Germany, and another example is the giant Oreo cookie sandwich.

Giant Oreo Cookie Sandwich

So those are, indeed, massive Oreo cookies sandwiched around flavored cream (chocolate, peanut butter, mint, or vanilla). They even say Oreo on them! And they are truly large — probably about three inches across.

A lot of care goes into making these sandwiches, which are put together right in Disney World’s candy stores. Here’s one cast member putting together peanut butter-flavored cookie sandwiches at Goofy’s Candy Company.

Making Giant Oreo Cookie Sandwiches

Now, the version I purchased in the Magic Kingdom happened to be dipped in chocolate:

Chocolate Dipped Giant Oreo Cookie Sandwich From Above

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Disney’s Nostalgic Candy Items

One of the Disney Theme Parks’ main goals is to make you feel like a kid again when you’re visiting, and a great way to do that is to offer you some favorite candies from your childhood! Let’s take a look at a few of the sugary sweets you can find in the parks that will surely bring back memories…

Lollipops and Taffy
Two seashore sweets that you can surely remember begging your parents to splurge on for you during the summers as a kid, the Disney lollipops (which we covered in detail in our previous post, “Sucker Punch“) and taffy in Disney Parks remain as bright and alluring as they were when you were six-and-a-half.

Disney Lollipops

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Tribute to the Sandwich Cookie

I’m not sure about you, but one of my favorite ways to break my diet is with an OCP or an Oreo (or seven). So it’s exciting to see so many wonderful sandwich cookies mixed into the Magic of Disney! Here are a few of my favorite spots for sandwich cookies…

Cape May Cafe Oreo Bon Bons
Nowhere before has the casual Oreo been elevated to such a haute status. The Cape May Cafe Oreo Bon Bon — a confection built upon an Oreo sandwich cookie — has been a staple at the Cape May Cafe evening Clam Bake for years and has risen to minor cult status among Disney fans.

Oreo Bon Bons

Climb-able Sandwich Cookie
Trust me, you’ve never seen a sandwich cookie this big! Nestled between a massive paper clip and a pile of dirt, this one might not exactly be appetizing, but it sure is interesting. You’ll find it [Read more…]