Party in the Magic Kingdom!

One of our favorite bloggers, Leigh Caldwell of, was lucky enough to attend the Orlando International Pow Wow last week, which launched with a party at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Sunday evening! She’s put together a little review and shared with us some awesome pics of the delectable goodies available to attendees. Thanks, Leigh!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside the Magic Kingdom during one of those “The park will close early for a special event” nights? Now I can say that I know. I attended the International Pow Wow (a travel industry convention) in Orlando last week, and the opening night party was at the Magic Kingdom. I snapped plenty of pictures to try to show you the kinds of food available.

The first thing to note is the first thing I saw – beer! on Main Street U.S.A.! When we walked into the party, we were greeted by servers offering trays of beer and wine right on Main Street. And the usually forbidden alcohol continued to flow after that, with bar set-ups in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, where most of the party was centered.

But enough talk, you guys came here to see food pictures, right? It was quite dark throughout the park, so these aren’t the greatest, but I did my best:

First up was this cup of smoked tomato soup, accompanied by two tiny sandwiches — one smoked salmon, the other prosciutto. The sandwiches were threaded on a skewer.

Tomato Soup with Skewered Sandwiches

Shrimp gyros served cone style. I’m [Read more…]