Review: The Peanut Butter and Jelly and Bacon and Jalapeno Burger at ESPN Club

On a recent trip to Disney World, we headed over to one of our favorite stand-by restaurants — ESPN Club at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn — for some grub.

But this visit brought something a bit unexpected…and because I write this blog I absolutely HAD to try it and share it with you!! But first, let’s set the stage…


If you love sports and are at Disney for any amount of time, you will eventually make your way to ESPN Club. :-)

And why wouldn’t you? This is everything you want a sports bar to be. And more.

ESPN Club -- Outside

Once inside, you can choose from two main seating areas. Both the bar and the dining room feature plenty of seating — and lots and LOTS of televisions!

Bar Seating

The dining room also features a HUGE screen and sound booth. Check out the broadcast desk and the big comfy lounge chairs! Someday I will eat my wings there…

Dining Room Seating

Sound Booth

There’s a taste of the atmosphere, and you should be sure to check out our most recent ESPN Club Review for even more photos of the restaurant!

But this post is about something completely unexpected, like I said…


Yep, as soon as I got my menu I knew I had a mission that needed to be tackled.

Don’t worry; I still ordered my ESPN Dingers, but this next one was the main entree… [Read more…]