Review: The Polite Pig (Including BRAND NEW Buttermilk Chess Pie) in Disney Springs

Three words: Buttermilk Chess Pie.

And three more: The Polite Pig. That’s where you’ll find it!

The Polite Pig is a fast-casual dining location serving up “modern barbecue” in the Town Center neighborhood of Disney Springs. It’s got a fantastic pedigree, being owned and operated by James Beard-nominated James and Julie Petrakis and James’ brother Brian — all of whom own restaurants in Winter Park and Orlando.

One of their restaurants — The Ravenous Pig — is The Polite Pig’s hungry older sister. And the reputation earned by that restaurant followed to the smaller Disney Springs location. And if you’re wondering where the politeness comes in, it’s everywhere.

The Polite Pig Insists

The Polite Pig Insists

Even on the walls!


The Polite Pig decor story is an eclectic mix of polished subway tile, industrial lights and rails, and colorful wood. It’s definitely the kind of place where you feel like you can kick back and relax. [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Downtown Disney

Cruising Downtown Disney, heading back to our car to go home, a cart that I had never seen before caught my eye.  Old West Cinnamon Rolls? Hello!

Old West Cinnamon Rolls Downtown Disney

According to my 12 year old son, I stopped in my tracks “to get the breaking news.” Yes, he was making fun of me; and he did a whole running commentary while I stopped to get the scoop on this new-ish spot in Downtown Disney. After that nonsense, which was actually quite hilarious, he’s lucky that I still shared my cinnamon roll with him!


Located right next to the Pin Traders store, Old West Cinnamon Rolls has apparently been there for about 6 or so weeks. I obviously don’t cruise Downtown Disney enough to let this place exist for so long without knowing about it. Going to have to change that I guess, because the cinnamon rolls here are amazing.


The plastic cinnamon roll display (which reminded me of the gelato stand nearby) gives you inspiration to choose the cinnamon roll that’s right for you!

After quizzing the poor guy working at the stand I learned that the cinnamon rolls are a “design your own” situation. The menu consists of a base price of $4.75 for a plain cinnamon roll (and by plain they mean NO frosting). Additional toppings are $1.00, so you can build the designer cinnamon roll of your dreams. Toppings include [Read more…]