Tips from the DFB Guide: Dining with Picky Eaters in Disney World

Got a picky eater in Disney World? Worried about finding food that your young (or young-at-heart!) “selective” eaters will enjoy during your Walt Disney World vacation? You’re not alone!

Lots of families have at least one picky eater in their midst, and we’ve collected tons of tips during our Disney dining experiences.

Our readers note fussy eaters as a top concern, so The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2013 e-Book includes a lengthy section on how to plan your Disney dining when your trip includes less-adventurous eaters.

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Grown-up picky eater? Order an adult portion of a kids menu item!

You’ll find valuable information that will allow your family to enjoy a variety of restaurants! Here are just a few of our many suggestions!

Buffet restaurants offer plenty of choice for picky and adventurous eaters alike! Try Boma and Tusker House for a true variety.

3 Top Tips for Dining with Picky Eaters in Disney World

Your picky eater dilemma can range from a kid insistent on only chicken nuggets for meals to an adult with a non-adventurous palate. Let’s look at three tips that can help your family!

Take Advantage of Appetizers or A La Carte Menus. Often a restaurant will have an appetizer that is familiar to a picky eater — salads, soups, and flatbreads (pretty ubiquitous at Disney World) work well for adults with simple palates. If there’s an appetizer that looks…well…appetizing, ask for a meal-sized portion. Is your toddler only eating mashed potatoes this week? As long as you see the item on a dish some where on the menu, you can order it as a side or meal.

Just Ask! Don’t be shy. Ask your server if the chef can whip up a grilled cheese if that’s your kiddo’s favorite, or an adult portion of chicken nuggets from the kids’ menu if Uncle Bob would prefer it. Your server and the chef have heard much more difficult requests than yours, and their goal is to make your family happy — so speak up.

Even Mac and Cheese can be fancy -- and many restaurants will make it for you!

Simplify Your Selections and make Substitutions. It’s okay to ask for a plain burger instead of the dressed up bacon cheeseburger. And you won’t be the first guest to ask for a grilled chicken breast with no special sauce, or a sandwich without the veggies. I do it all the time!

We have plenty more great ideas and experience-based information on dining with picky eaters and adventurous eaters, as well as kids, big groups, and more — and it’s ALL sandwiched in our 400+-page DFB Guide!

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