Disney Food News This Week: July 1, 2018

Happy weekend! Here’s all the Disney food news this week!

Woody says, "Howdy!" at Toy Story Land!

Woody says, “Howdy!” at Toy Story Land!

TOY STORY LAND IS OPEN at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!! Click here to see ALL of our coverage!!

Booking is NOW OPEN for the 2018 Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about the festival on our Epcot Food and Wine Festival pages!

Pixar Fest is ON at Disneyland Resort! This fun festival runs through September 3! Click here to get a checklist for ALL the food at Pixar Fest and see our review!

And it’s time to get the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2018 e-book! Save 25% now with code wdw2018!

We have a lot to share with you this week, so let’s jump right in…

Disney Food News

Check out all the latest Disney Food News — even the stuff we don’t mention in posts on the blog! — on our Disney Food News Pin Board, including menu updates, restaurant closures, special events, and more! We’ve got all the latest for you, so check it out before you go. [Read more…]

Review! Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats on Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

We’ve been super busy all over Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure showing you — among everything on the Pier — the new snack kiosks which include Señor Buzz Churros, Poultry Palace, Angry Dogs, and Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums!

Pixar Pier Billboard

Pixar Pier Billboard

But there’s one more kiosk to visit. And though technically it’s not brand new — as it opened in early May, prior to the rest of Pixar Pier — we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring you back to Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, as it is very much a part of the snacking scene on Pixar Pier! [Read more…]

Review! Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

The fun hasn’t stopped on Pixar Pier! Disney California Adventure’s newest Land in Disneyland Resort celebrates the fun and friendship represented by the films of Pixar.

Pixar Pier!

Pixar Pier!

We’ve had a blast covering every inch of Pixar Pier, and we’ve already brought you our full review of Lamplight Lounge.

But today we’re starting our stop-by-stop tour of the new snack kiosks on Pixar Pier. Though we showed you all of them while we were Live at Pixar Pier, we’ll start our one-by-one kiosk close-up at Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums! [Read more…]

Review! Señor Buzz Churros on Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

¡Hola! from Señor Buzz at Señor Buzz Churros! Located on Toy Story Boardwalk at the brand new Pixar Pier, the Churro stop features one of the most classic of all Disneyland snacks, plus a variation on said classic.

Señor Buzz Churros

Señor Buzz Churros

Just like in Toy Story 3, Buzz is stuck in Spanish mode! [Read more…]

Review! Poultry Palace at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

Have a hankerin’ for a Jumbo Turkey Leg while you’re at Pixar Pier? Then just look for this GIANT FUN MEAL…

Poultry Palace

Poultry Palace

… by the name of Poultry Palace!

We’re continuing our reviews of each new food kiosk on the brand new Pixar Pier. (You can see every single stop along Disney California Adventure’s newest Land here.) You’ll find Poultry Palace on Toy Story Boardwalk — one of the land’s four neighborhoods inspired by the films and characters of Pixar. In the case of Poultry Palace, inspiration comes from the Pixar short “Toy Story Toon: Small Fry.” And this kiosk also happens to be a terrific photo op… (FYI, fun size Zurg is supposed to be the “toy” in the fun meal, but it seems he hasn’t arrived, yet.) [Read more…]

Review! Angry Dogs at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

Anger from Inside Out is serving up hot dogs at Pixar Pier

Angry Dogs

Angry Dogs

But not just any ol’ dogs… they’re Angry Dogs! [Read more…]