Snack Series: Frozen Cheesecake On A Stick at Disneyland Resort

OK, you guys. Frozen. Cheesecake.

We first told you about this fantastic little Gelato Bars kiosk in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney last year. And, well…you know I can’t resist some good gelato! So I couldn’t wait to hit it up on my recent trip to Disneyland.

Gelato Bar Kiosk

When it first appeared, there was a pretty extensive menu of Gelato Bars, consisting of fabulous flavors and garnishes. These days, the gelato bar selection has been pared down to five varieties.

But before you become too sad about that — look at what they’ve added: Frozen Cheesecake! On. A. Stick.

There’s also a selection of Hot Chocolates (complete with hot chocolate on a stick) as well as a Gelato Cookie Sandwich (!) and a Frozen Banana dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate. A selection of bottled beverages rounds out the menu.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

But that’s not all there is to tell you about this spot. As seems to be the standard in Disneyland, there are little “models” of the food selections! I think the “bedazzled” Birthday Cake one is my favorite.

Examples of Gelato Bars -- Cute!

Here are the examples of the cheesecake bars, which are available plain or with a strawberry garnish. The hot chocolate on a stick is represented, too.

Menu Examples

Visual aids are also there for the chocolate-covered banana and gelato sandwich. :-)

More Menu Examples

But my mind was already made up, and I went for one cheesecake bar. Strawberry, please.

And I know what you’re thinking: “AJ, that’s as hard as a rock and you’re gonna break your teeth.”

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake and Its Plastic Counterpart

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Two NEW Ice Cream Bars in Disney World!

So, get this! There are two new additions to the ice cream novelty lineup in Disney World!

Either one or both of these can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. So far, I haven’t seen them at Animal Kingdom…but I’ll keep looking!

Disney World Frozen Treats

You never know when the chilly treats of the World will change up on ya! I was wandering through Hollywood Studios last week when I stopped short at the new menu display!

Just last year the Nestle Triple Blast replaced the original twisty, turny Itzakadoozie bar.

Now, behold: old things are new again! Kinda.

New Ice Cream Bar Menu Options -- Click to Enlarge

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Snack Series: Triple Blast Ice Pop in Disney Parks

Sometimes I get so caught up in reporting about the new and hard-to-find goodies that I forget about the standard stuff that you can find just about anywhere in Disney parks and resorts! So let’s remedy that here!

About a year ago I noticed that the Nestle Triple Blast was starting to replace Itzakadoozie pops on most Disney ice cream boards, and I’ve just now gotten around to trying one!

Triple Blast Takes Itzakadoozie's Spot on Bottom Right

The bars tout three fruit flavors — Wild Cherry, Awesome Orange, and Zesty Lemon. They’re built in layers, with lemon at the core, then a layer of orange, and everything’s topped off with cherry.

Triple Blast Packaging

I’ve always been a big fan of anything popsicle like — especially if there aren’t any weird flavors involved. Like grape. And watermelon. And green apple. Who wants green apple?! So I was all for trying one of these icy treats.

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