DFB Reader Questions Answered: How Can I Buy Dinner for Someone During Their Walt Disney World Visit?

We’re delving into the Disney Food Blog mailbag today for another reader question. You guys ask some thoughtful things, and we figure if one person is asking about it, a lot of others may be looking for the answer as well!

Today, our question is all about giving the gift of good food!

Our reader asks:

How do I purchase a gift card for dining for my sister and brother-in-law when they go to Disney World?

What a completely amazing gift to give somebody! Just imagine, having a meal at your favorite Disney Signature restaurant, and it’s paid for in full! Awesome!


Treating Someone Special to Dinner at California Grill Would Be an Amazing Gift!

There are actually a couple of different ways that you can pay for someone’s meal at Walt Disney World. Let’s talk about both.

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DFB Reader Questions Answered: How Do I Book a Table for a Crowd?

Here at Disney Food Blog, we love to answer your questions about planning your next Disney visit! And often, we figure if one of you has a question, then it’s probably something that has a bunch of others scratching their heads as well!

Today, we’re diving into the DFB mailbag to help you with booking a table (or tables) for an extra large group!

Booking a Table for a Crowd

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DFB Reader Questions Answered: Dinner and Fireworks Timing at Magic Kingdom

It’s time to delve once more into the Disney Food Blog Reader Questions Mailbag! We’re pretty sure that if one of you is asking about something, then many of you are probably wondering the same thing. :-)

Today, we are featuring a couple of questions that are all about how to ensure a good dining game plan to view Wishes at Magic Kingdom.

Wishes at Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Restaurant and Fireworks Viewing

Our DFB Reader asks…

When should we make our reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant so that we have sufficient time to enjoy our meal, and so we are on time to see the Electrical Parade and Wishes?

The long and short answer for this? It depends! Note that you won’t be able to see Wishes or the Parade FROM the restaurant, so dining first and then finding a viewing spot out in the park is important.

When you’re making a dinner reservation for Be Our Guest Restaurant (or any other dining location) and you’d like to view the Electrical Parade and Wishes, it’s important to check park hours to find out when each of the events are taking place on that [Read more…]