Fun Find: Frozen-Themed Treats in Disney World and Disneyland

Are you an Anna, Elsa, or Olaf fan? You might have to wait 4 hours to meet them in the parks these days, but you can grab a snack with their likenesses a lot quicker!

Due to the of popularity Disney’s award-winning film, “Frozen,” select food and merchandise around the Walt Disney World parks is showcasing some of the movie’s favorite characters!

Frozen Themed Cookies

Frozen Themed Cookies

Earlier this year, we featured the Frost Cupcake discovered at the Contempo Cafe (home to some of our favorite cupcakes!). And we just adore the Olaf Candy Apples!

Frozen themed Rice Krispy Treats were recently spotted at Epcot’s Mouse Gears as well as The Puffin’s Roost gift shop in the Norway pavilion. We found ‘em in Disneyland at the Candy Palace this weekend, too!

Check out the fun close-up!

Rice Krispie Treats with a Frozen Theme

Rice Krispie Treats with a Frozen Theme

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New Caramel Apples in Disney Parks

Well, maybe they’re not new to you, but they sure are to me! I found these caramel apples at the Main Street Confectionery in Disney World on a recent visit… . Don’t forget, the cast members will be more than happy to cut these up for you and put them in a small container for easier eating.

Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple

Just from a commentary standpoint, I think it’s interesting that Disney World has started using this “Fresh” packaging, which we saw first in Disneyland. More evidence that the two parks are merging their product lines even further?

For more info on Disney caramel apples, check out our previous post all about ‘em!

White Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie Apple
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It’s All About the Crispies

One of everyone’s favorite easy-to-make and easy-to-enjoy snacks is the Rice Krispie Treat. Clearly Disney understands this phenomenon and has capitalized on it. These days, Disney’s customized “crisped rice treats” seem to have become as ubiquitous as any other classic Disney parks treat.

Classic giant Mickey head Crisped Rice Treat

So, being the Disney Food Blog, I was just waiting until I had enough pics to really do them justice. What’s incredible is the sheer variety of things Disney has done with these little snap-crackle-pop puffed rice pieces! “Crisped Rice” + Marshmallow + Butter + Imagineers = big bucks, I’d imagine!

Experience the Magic

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite “crisped rice treats” in the Disney parks, but first of all, here’s a little tip: Did you know that you can watch Disney’s Confectioners create these goodies? You can! Just head to the Main Street Confectionery in Disney World, where the talented Cast Members are always whipping up something special. Sometimes you’ll see them making caramel apples or fudge, but they’re often churning up some of your favorite light-as-air crispie treats as well!

Making Crispies at The Confectionery

Shaping the Crispies

Finished Crispies on the Cooling Table

Dipped And Decorated Crispies

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