Every. Single. Rose Gold Snack. in Disney World

If you’ve been keeping up with the DFB, or if you’ve been anywhere near Disney World recently, then you are well aware that Rose Gold is taking over the entire place. Like most things around here, “it was all started by a mouse.” Minnie Mouse, in this case!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Always one to be on top of the trends, her Rose Gold Minnie Ears have been the hottest item that can’t even be found in the merchandise shops anymore due to their immense popularity!

And now, treats galore in the Instagram-worthy hue are likewise springing up all over! Let’s take a ‘round the World tour so you can find your own Rose Gold Cupcake… or Rose Gold Margarita (?!?) in Disney World. Yep, read on…

Rose Gold Cupcakes in the Parks

DFB itself broke the news on the nutella-with-vanilla Rose Gold Ears Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot, and you can check out our review here!

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News! Rose Gold Ears Cupcake Debuts at Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom has its very own Rose Gold Ears Cupcake!

Magic Kingdom's Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

Magic Kingdom’s Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

Okay, wait… let’s back up for just a minute. Remember the Rose Gold Ears Cupcake that recently debuted at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons? Based on the uber-popular Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears that are still a HUGE hit in Disney World (when you can find them, that is!), this cupcake celebrates a bunch of beloved things all at once: rose gold, Minnie Mouse, Ears (!), and CUPCAKES! [Read more…]

News!! Rose Gold Ears Cupcake Has Arrived at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

Just in case you haven’t heard about the mayhem surrounding Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears in Disney Parks (on both coasts!), here’s the skinny…

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

The minute Rose Gold Minnie Ears hit Disney Parks merchandise locations, the shops could not — and still can not — keep them on the shelves! Folks spent time hovering online waiting for updates about their return and scarfing them up in numbers. You could say they’re kindofa BIG DEAL. [Read more…]

Win a Pair of Rose Gold Minnie Ears — 3 Chances to Win!

We have some super exciting news to share with you today! We’re hosting a giveaway for … Rose Gold Minnie Ears! You’ve seen these beauties, right? As soon as the Rose Gold Ears were released earlier this fall they sold out almost immediately and quickly became THE must-have accessory at the Disney Parks!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Last week we purchased SEVERAL pairs of sparkly ears and now you have a chance to win a pair! Entering the giveaway is simple, and you can enter to win one of THREE PAIRS! Here’s how: [Read more…]