Review: Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

It’s time to head back to Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for lunch!

Pop Century Resort has a cult following of legendary proportions, and Everything Pop Food Court goes right along with that. Maybe it’s because the eats here are little more imaginative than they have historically been at other value resorts. Or maybe it’s just because you can get a waffle with a giant Pop! emblazoned on it!

Whatever the reason, this spot has long been a favorite of mine — and even a destination for me for some of their specialties when I’m staying at other resorts. (King Cupcake, anyone?)

It’s been a while since I’ve visited, so on a recent trip I made it a point to stop by Everything Pop for a bite to eat.

Let’s take a look at what I found!


You will find no shortage of color and decor as you enter Everything Pop. But you wouldn’t really expect a Zen experience with such a name anyway, right?

Entrance Sign -- Up Close

Entrance Sign — Up Close

It’s fun, and it’s, well. Pop. The kind of loud, happy decor you’d expect with a name like that. These food “billboards” entice you into the eating area, beckoning you to come check out the newly updated menus.

Fun Food Signs

Fun Food Signs

As with other Food Court-type settings at Walt Disney World, the “Create You Own” theme is big here. But you’ll find more options to customize here than just about anywhere else. As the sign says, it’s the perfect place to head when you’re feeling hungry AND creative!

Poppin Nachos and Baked Potatoes Sign

Poppin Nachos and Baked Potatoes Sign

We’ll take a quick side journey to check out seating.

While there are plenty of tables and chairs to choose from, you won’t find super comfy digs here. After all, this is counter service. I don’t figure that you’re interested in lingering for hours over that burger or plate of eggs.

Additional Seating

Seating Area

Still, if you do require a bit of a comfortable break, booth seating is padded and a little more cozy, since it’s walled (or windowed) off to one side.

Booth Seating

Booth Seating

More tables along the bank of floor to ceiling windows provide a little space from the rest of the guests, and give you a good view out onto the grounds.

Table Seating

Table Seating

Enough with tables and chairs. On to the food!


Pop in to Everything Pop, and you can choose from seven different serving stations. They include, in broad terms, a [Read more…]

Review: Sloppy Joe Sandwich at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

On my last visit to Studio Catering Co., we snagged some holiday cupcakes and a newly added menu item — the Sloppy Joe Sandwich! This one’s only around for a limited time, so be sure to pop in and try it before it’s out the door!


If you’re looking for a place to stop for a bite while the kids run off some pent-up energy, Studio Catering Co. may be just the spot for you.

Studio Catering Company Exterior

Located right beside the play area for the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, grown ups can grab a bite, while the kids take a play break.

With ample outdoor, shaded seating, this is an ideal spot for relaxation — especially during these cooler months when a/c isn’t absolutely required.

Studio Catering Company Tables

And if relaxation IS in the cards for mom and dad, don’t forget that High Octane Refreshments is right next door… .

BUT, let’s get back to the news at hand…


While the menu is somewhat limited here, they’ve got some good eats. Buffalo Chicken? Good. Turkey Club? Good. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich? [Read more…]