Snack Series: Frozen Lemonade Slush

Kim reminds us of a favorite seaside snack available throughout Walt Disney World!

Frozen lemonade slushes are a true favorite. By the way, we’re NOT talking about the hard, frozen lemonade that comes in the paper cup from the freezer section in the shops or the ice cream carts, by the way. This is pure, slushy delight!

Frozen Lemonade Slush at Seashore Sweets'

Minus the occasional brain freeze, I could soak up frozen lemonade all day long. First, I’m always thirsty. The frozen lemonade actually quenches that nagging parched feeling like a sweet desert oasis!

Second, my now-11 year old child has been thirsting for this particular beverage every trip since his first taste test at oh, let’s say 10 months of age. (Don’t judge, we were at a seaside boardwalk!) For us, a sign for lemonade in its slushy state is like a glimmering iceberg in the Sahara.

When you need a beverage that will cool your body and mind during a hot and humid day of touring — grab one of these drinks. The sweet-tart, chilly treat is the perfect way to make any Disney day a little better…

Strawberry Lemonade at Enchanted Grove in Magic Kingdom

A Few Spots to Find It

Animal Kingdom
Drinkwallah – Open seasonally, across [Read more…]

Sucker Punch!

There are some quintessential theme park foods that come to mind when you think of Disney World — funnel cakes, Dole Whips, Mickey bars, and, for me, lollipops. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat them very often, maybe it’s because they’re so shiny and colorful, maybe it’s because I associate them with vacations from my childhood, but I always want to buy a big, ol’ swirly lollipop.

They’re an eye-catching hallmark of a Disney vacation. Their colorful sugar swirls captivate the eye in any shop, and I think they’re actually pretty artistic. So, for today’s mid-week pick-me-up, I wanted to share a few of my favorite sucker shots with you guys. Sit back, relax, remember when you were a kid, and let the colors take you away to YOUR happy place. :)

long disney lollipop

disney red and yellow lollipops

disney princesses lollipop

Pirate Mickey Lollipop Disney World

Mickey-shaped lollipops disney

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