Disney Food Post Round-Up: March 3, 2013

The 2013 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival begins THIS WEEK!

2013 Flower and Garden Festival UK Booth! Check out all of the food menus here!

We’re so excited to see 12 food and beverage marketplaces added to the mix this year and can’t wait to share our full review with you!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the newly updated Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Menu here!

Disney Dining News

More fun Disney Dining News for ya…

We’ve got additional food news, including restaurant closures, concept art for Main Street Bakery, Disneyland AP discount at Earl of Sandwich, and LOTS more, on our Disney Food News Pin Board! Head over and check it out!

DFB Podcast Episode 13

The new DFB Podcast Episode is here!

In the 13th episode of the DFB Podcast, AJ and Brad bring listeners the latest Disney Food News; discuss some great money-saving tips at Walt Disney World and Disneyland; answer a few listener questions (including whether or not the Disney Dining Plan is worth the dough), and reveal the winner of our Episode 12 trivia question (AND compel you with a brand-new trivia question!).

Got a Disney dining question? Send it to podcast@disneyfoodblog.com with “Question” in the subject line and we’ll add it to our list to answer on the podcast!

More Money Savings! Want some more tips on saving money? Find a whole chapter of our top money-saving tips for eating in Walt Disney World in The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013! We also have several full pages dedicated to how to find and make use of dining discounts, coupon programs, membership programs, and more! It’s all at DFBGuide.com.

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Reader Finds

If you find a fun new food — or other awesomeness — in or from Disney, share a photo with us on facebook or twitter so we can add it to our DFB Reader Finds each Sunday!

DFB Reader Gena shared what happens when you ask for ketchup at Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World!

Don't ask for ketchup!

And Kat tweeted “The mandarin chicken salad at Yak and Yeti quick service [in Disney’s Animal Kingdom] is surprisingly tasty!”

Mandarin Chicken Salad!

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories with us!!

Disney Food Post Round-Up

Walmart has a Star Wars Chocolate Easter Bunny Stormtrooper! Take a bite out of the Dark Force!

Daveland shares vintage photos of The Plantation House in Disneyland.

Eating (and Drinking) Around the World highlights Disney food enjoyed during the Marathon Weekend.

Stuff from the Park digs up some Disneyland-inspired recipes!

Such the Spot creates a copycat recipe for Earl of Sandwich’s All-American! Nice job, Disney Mom Darcie!

Main Street Gazette stops for a frankfurter at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Running at Disney enjoys lunch at Sanaa.

Have a great week, all!! We’ll see you tomorrow with our review of the newly revamped Epcot restaurant, Monsieur Paul!

News! Rix Lounge Announces Tequila Tasting at Coronado Springs Resort

Now and then we like to explore the lesser-known hang-outs at Walt Disney World. Tucked into the main building at Coronado Springs Resort and specializing in awesome tequilas (they’re run by the same folks who run Cava del Tequila!) Rix Lounge is a unique place to unwind!

Rix Lounge Entrance

We’ve got a photo tour of this fun nightspot for you below, but first I have some super fun news to share for those of us who love tequila and beverage tastings!

Rix Lounge’s FIRST EVER Tequila Tasting

Rix Lounge will host their first ever Tequila Tasting on Saturday, March 30th, at 8pm! A tequila ambassador (Hilda, maybe?) will guide guests through the history and production process of tequila, the different types and categories of tequila, and of course a tasting.

Rix Tequila Tasting

I’m guessing this will be a LOT like the tequila tastings from the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which have now been turned into full blown tequila lunches! The tasting will include Milagro Select Barrel Silver, Partida Reposado, and Gran Centenario Añejo. A delicious Sangrita will be the finishing touch.

Tickets are available to the general public (ages 21 and up) at $30 per person in advance, or $35 per person at the door. A table reservation is required.

Rix Lounge Photo Tour

Now, for those of you who haven’t ever been to this little-known Disney hot spot, let’s take a gander around! Here’s a photo tour for ya!!

Rix Lounge Decor

Many special events are held at Rix Lounge, including kid birthday parties and romantic weddings! So, check the schedule before planning your evening. There is [Read more…]

Guest Review: Epcot Food and Wine Festival Mexico Tequila Lunch

Welcome to guest author Catherine as she treats us to a guest review of the brand new Tequila Tasting and Lunch held at La Hacienda de San Angel as part of the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

On October 2, I attended the Mexico Tequila Lunch at La Hacienda de San Angel, the newest restaurant in the Mexico pavilion. This is a new event for the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.


When I arrived, there was a check-in desk outside La Hacienda where cast members cross guests’ names off of a master list when they arrive. Guests are then sent inside to the restaurant’s foyer. Servers were waiting there to hand out the “welcome” margarita!

The Rosa margarita is made with premium silver tequila, and one of the ingredients is “rose extract,” which gives it a little bit of a flowery note, but not too much. The rim was decorated with red hibiscus salt.

Rosa Margarita

There are no assigned tables here, you’ll seat yourself. I sat at a [Read more…]

Mini “Food & Wine Festival” at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney This Week

Well, we lost the REAL Disneyland Food and Wine Festival this year, but those lucky enough to live near Disneyland or who happen to be on vacation there at the moment can consider taking part in the mini “Food and Wine Festival” that is happening at three of Downtown Disney’s Restaurants through June 3rd!

Enjoy delicious food, spirits, and wine from Italy, Spain, and Mexico at Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar, Tortilla Jo’s, and [Read more…]

2009 Epcot Food and Wine Festival: Tequila Tasting Seminar


“Welcome to La Cava del Tequila!” I was among the first group of taste-testers for the 2009 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival’s inaugural Tequila Tasting Seminar today, and I wanted to bring you along with me. So, shall we to Mexico?

La Cava del Tequila

La Cava del Tequila

The line was a little out of hand prior to the event, but sooner or later we were all checked off the list and seated in our assigned seats in the Cava.

Cava Seating and Mural

Cava Seating and Mural

Epcot’s Tequila Ambassador, Hilda Castillo, expertly led us through an informative and interesting seminar.

Hilda Castillo Leading the Seminar

Hilda Castillo Leading the Seminar

Hilda first described the background on Tequila, including its origin (Tequila, Mexico, where Hilda’s from), its source (Agave), its process, and its categories. There is a brilliant mural on the side wall of the Cava that depicts the life cycle of Tequila processing, including the growth of the Agave plant, the cooking down of the plants to create Agave juice, the fermentation into Agave wine, and the distillation of the Agave wine into Tequila.

A Section of the Cava del Tequila Mural

A Section of the Cava del Tequila Mural

From there, Hilda told us that we would be going through the tasting focusing on the following: Look (Sight), Aroma (Smell), and Flavor (Taste). She explained that different types of Tequila get their distinction based on the amount they’re aged. New Tequila, called “Blanco,” is very clear and very strong — think “gas fumes in your mouth,” because that’s what I tasted when we swished the Blanco Tequila! “Reposado,” or “rested” Tequila is a shade darker and significantly smoother than Blanco. Finally, the “Anejo,” or “aged” Tequila is a dark gold color and has a more “oil-like” consistency. This has the smoothest flavor of all.

Tequila Tasting Setting

Tequila Tasting Setting




From there, Hilda led us through an aroma exercise. Because each type of Tequila had a specific aroma associated with it (lime with Blanco, cinnamon with Reposado, and coffee with Anejo), she had us smell a sample of the aroma before smelling each Tequila sample. Hilda showed us the three different ways to “perceive the aroma” of Tequila in order to gather the three different scents — sweet, alcohol-strong, and spicy/sweet — that are emitted.

Items to prime our noses for the Tequila aromas

Items to prime our noses for the Tequila aromas

Demonstrating one of the aroma techniques

Demonstrating one of the aroma techniques

Finally, we got to taste. Hilda began with the strongest of the three and moved on to the richest of the three. The Blanco Tequila exploded in my mouth. We were supposed to swish for five seconds, and that was practically impossible. This alcohol was so strong my tongue went numb.

The Reposado and Anejo went down much smoother, but based on my experience with the Blanco, I took MUCH smaller sips!

Once finished with the Flavor segment of the event, we were served three small appetizer tapas — shrimp cocktail, a crab tostada, and a chicken tostada — to complement our Tequila.

Shrimp Cocktail, Chicken Tostada, and Crab Tostada with corresponding Tequilas

Shrimp Cocktail, Chicken Tostada, and Crab Tostada with corresponding Tequilas

Overall, the event was lovely. Hilda is extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job as presenter, teacher, and adviser. I know that many of these are already sold out for the remainder of the festival, but if you get the chance, make a reservation (407-WDW-FEST). It’s a great experience!

I’ve copied out the Epcot Tequila Bar menu here. Happy perusing!

For more photos, links, and information from the 2009 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, visit our Food and Wine Festival Page!