Epcot Club 33 Location

There have been some changes in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion as of late. Just recently, the Pavilion’s attraction, The American Adventure, debuted an updated film finale and anthem.

America Pavilion in Epcot

America Pavilion in Epcot

But there’s been a less noticeable change in the Pavilion, too — however small doesn’t mean insignificant. To the right facing the Pavilion’s theater entrance is a new addition.

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Review: New Menu Items at Epcot’s Liberty Inn

We are back at Liberty Inn, the Quick Service spot in The American Adventure in Epcot!

If you’re strolling around World Showcase and are on the hunt for some perfectly patriotic eats, Liberty Inn is your place. For a long time, offerings were pretty basic at this Counter Service location, which primarily features expected fare like burgers, chicken breast nuggets, and salads.

While that still holds true in most regards, it’s worth noting that Liberty Inn made some strides late last year towards providing a couple of options that reflect a greater array of American cuisine, including a few regional dishes like a Lousiana-Style Shrimp dish as well as Maryland Crab Cakes.

However, the menu has changed up once again, so we returned to scope out the situation and see what’s new, what’s gone, and how things are shaping up.

Liberty Inn Sign

Liberty Inn Sign

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