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News! “The Cupcake Store” Kiosk Now Open in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney

Cupcakes are back in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney!! Check out pics of the different options here!

Report From Disneyland’s Cupcake Store!

Check out some yummy cupcake photos from The Cupcake Store in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney!

Cupcake Store to Open in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney in Disneyland will be getting it’s own cupcake store! Look for The Cupcake Store to open in September 2010.

The Cupcake Store at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney

Cupcakes have come to Disneyland en force! Check out these great photos of the brand new Cupcake Store kiosk in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Cupcakes and Star Wars Beer

Disney Food News: A new cupcake kiosk, The Cupcake Store, has opened in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney and be serving cupcakes through January 9th. Also, a new Star Wars beer will be hitting the shelves soon — Imperial Stout Trooper Beer.