My Disney Easter Basket

Easter in my house growing up always meant colored eggs and baskets full of plastic grass topped with candy and sweets. And, as we know, Disney’s big on the whole candy and sweets thing, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Disney sweets. These would definitely be in my personal Easter basket:

The Disney Food Blog Easter Basket

The Disney Food Blog Easter Basket

So, why these particular goodies? Let’s take a look at my Easter basket contents — and a few items that just didn’t fit! — and hopefully you’ll find a few new treats to try!

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles
Easily my all-time favorite candy, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles can be found in Epcot’s UK pavilion. For those of you who haven’t tried them, think: fruity jujubes coated with sugar. Then make them about 100 times better than fruity jujubes coated with sugar, and you have Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles.

When these come in rolls, the candy is circular, but [Read more…]

What CAN’T You Get in Disney Parks?

What food items do you wish you could find at Disney Parks, but just aren’t there?

Does Epcot Need More Spanish Food...Permanently?

Does Epcot Need More Spanish Food...Permanently?

In other words,

What CAN’T you get to eat or drink in Disney parks?

I posed this question on facebook and twitter last week and got some really interesting answers.

Some folks wanted old-school items to return, like the cheese omelet from Electric Umbrella and those yummy character-shaped filled chocolate truffles (remember those? I liked the peanut butter ones.). But the rest of the answers were clamoring for things folks have been missing (or haven’t yet found) in Disney parks, like:

  • Good Maryland-style crab
  • Spanish food
  • Sweet Tea
  • Now THAT'S a Cheesesteak

    Now THAT'S a Cheesesteak

  • Fondue
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • A good gyro
  • A make-your-own salad bar
  • Good Italian food
  • “Decent ribs”
  • Mr. Pibb (only available at McDonald’s on property)
  • Chic-fil-a :)
  • Toblerone bars
  • And…everyone’s most emphatic answer…GOOD PIZZA!

Personally, I’ve got my sights set on some good Buffalo Chicken Wings, though I’ve been told I can find those at the ESPN Club on WDW’s Boardwalk.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear:

Sometimes Hershey's Just Ain't Enough...

Sometimes Hershey's Just Ain't Enough...

1. What favorite items do YOU wish you could find in the parks?

2. If you’ve got an idea where folks can find any of the items listed above, please chime in! I figure, between all of us, we’ve been to every restaurant and food stop in the Disney parks. If those items are available, someone who reads this blog will know about it!

Photo credits: Spain: Joe Shlabotnik, Toblerone: Ultra, Cheesesteak: Sauce Supreme