Snack Series: Triple Blast Ice Pop in Disney Parks

Sometimes I get so caught up in reporting about the new and hard-to-find goodies that I forget about the standard stuff that you can find just about anywhere in Disney parks and resorts! So let’s remedy that here!

About a year ago I noticed that the Nestle Triple Blast was starting to replace Itzakadoozie pops on most Disney ice cream boards, and I’ve just now gotten around to trying one!

Triple Blast Takes Itzakadoozie's Spot on Bottom Right

The bars tout three fruit flavors — Wild Cherry, Awesome Orange, and Zesty Lemon. They’re built in layers, with lemon at the core, then a layer of orange, and everything’s topped off with cherry.

Triple Blast Packaging

I’ve always been a big fan of anything popsicle like — especially if there aren’t any weird flavors involved. Like grape. And watermelon. And green apple. Who wants green apple?! So I was all for trying one of these icy treats.

These are, frankly, pretty [Read more…]