News! and Review: Downtown Disney’s Superstar Catering Food Truck

Downtown Disney (the shopping, entertainment, and restaurant district) at Walt Disney World recently welcomed the Superstar Catering Food Truck to the lineup of eateries!

And so it begins… the first official food truck has arrived in Downtown Disney!


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Disney Food Blog, then you’re aware that new food trucks have been preparing to park themselves near Cirque de Soleil and House of Blues in Downtown Disney’s West Side.

Cirque de Soleil and House of Blues

To be precise, four new themed food trucks will be joining the lineup: Enchanted Fare Food Truck (featuring treats from Disney Parks around the globe), The World Showcase of Flavors Food Truck (bringing a few Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival favorites to guests all year-round), Namaste Café Food Truck (Sanaa fans, start your engines!), and Superstar Catering Food Truck… which has made it’s starring debut!

See info and menus from the food trucks here!

Superstar Catering Food Truck

Time to line-up at Superstar Catering

Superstar Catering brings a touch of Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney. It’s easy to recognize how the sleek-yet-playful decorative elements and colors of the truck echo those of the park. Specifically, it brings to mind images of the retro-styling of 50’s Prime Time Café.

Favorite of the Stars

A Star Studded Menu

Tables were set up for the debut! We’re not sure if these were there for the Festival of the Masters event, or if these will be there full time… .


And Disney cast members are raring to go on the inside!

Superstar Catering Window


Superstar Catering boasts a “Star-Studded Menu!”

Food Truck Menu

Guests have their choice of three dishes: Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs (served on soft polenta), the Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich, or the Spinach and Beef Meatball Sandwich. For children, there’s also a Kid’s Meatball Slider.

Superstar Catering Menu

I went with the [Read more…]