News! Lava Lounge Opens at Rainforest Café in Disney World’s Downtown Disney

Woo!! After a lengthy renovation, the Lava Lounge recently opened in the Rainforest Café in Disney World! Here’s another great “no-reservation-needed” location to pick up a full meal in the World…

Lava Lounge

The big draw here is the possibility of having NO wait to dine. While it’s truly a jungle in the dining room, the Lava Lounge is equally appealing.

Lava Lounge underneath the erupting volcano!

With waterfront views, a quieter ambiance, and a family-friendly atmosphere, it’s a place for the whole family to unwind outdoors. In fact, it might just be the place for your family if you have kids that are timid about the simulated thunderstorms and loud animals inside the dining room.

Gorillas can get loud inside!

Of course, your crew will have to be somewhat adventurous as you’ll hear the volcanic “eruptions” that take place each evening.

Recent exterior renovations added an erupting volcano that puts on a mighty display in sync with a light and sound show. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask to dine here while wandering Downtown Disney! And without a reservation, you now know to head to the Lava Lounge!


And we love that not only can you order from the full restaurant menu, but the Lava Lounge also has some exclusive menu items! We can’t wait to try the Volcanic Sliders or Tectonic Tacos. And the Jungle Runner is one of the more popular adult beverages!

We already know that a meal at the Rainforest Café is made more memorable when ordering the Sparkling Volcano for dessert. (Seriously — this thing is awesome! You can see our [Read more…]