Review: Camp Snacks at Camp Minnie Mickey in Animal Kingdom

Editor’s Note: Camp Snacks has closed permanently.

We’re gonna head back over to the Animal Kingdom today, because I found a couple of desserts in Camp Minnie Mickey that I couldn’t wait to share with you!

After many years, Chip and Dale have vacated this snack bar, and now it’s serving up hot dogs, drinks, chips, and a few sweet treats.

Front of Camp Snacks

These are walk-up windows; you won’t find any indoor seating here. But hey! We’re at Camp Minnie Mickey, right? And so we’ve got to rough it just a bit.

Seating Area

This is a good spot to grab a bite while you’re waiting for your turn at the Festival of the Lion King!

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

You won’t find a ton of topping options for your hot dogs, though. Pretty much you’ll have your pick of mustard or ketchup with some packaged relish.

Condiments for Hot Dogs

But I wasn’t here for the dogs on this day. It was sweet treats that drew me to the little cabin!

Strawberry Shortcake

We are big fans of Strawberry Shortcake around here, so this was a must try!

Made with real, live pound cake; thick, sweet strawberry topping; and a generous crown of whipped cream, this looked pretty good!

Strawberry Shortcake

And it [Read more…]